A Complete Guide to Different Types of Cheap Bongs Available for Buyers

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If you love smoking weed or herbs, you need a sophisticated bong. Purchasing the bongs can be a confusing, as different types of products are available in the market. Choosing the right product is important to be able to enjoy smoking. Smoking with bongs is a matter of flaunting sophistication and elegance. Thus, you need to look for classy bongs that are made with precision to provide you a perfect smoking experience. In the following section, different types of bongs are discussed. Knowing these types will help you to make a personal collection of various sophisticated bongs.

Why Is It Important to Buy Premium Quality Bongs?

Based on the materials for crafting the bongs, you can check out the availability of different bongs in the marketplace, which highly depends on with what and how they are manufactured.

For example, you can find glass bongs, metal bongs, and many others. Choosing premium quality products is essential, as that helps to enjoy smoking at an optimum level. The taste or flavor of the herbs depends on the quality of materials of the bongs. Some materials may also get toxic. Some materials may need frequent maintenance. Hence, choosing the right materials for bongs is essential.

Glass Made Bongs

The most common material that has been used for crafting bongs is glass. Bongs made with glass look elegant. Moreover, glass provides the best smoking experience, as it does not affect the flavor of the herbs. Another advantage is the transparency of glass. Due to transparency, you can quickly check the gunk and resin buildup inside the bong. So, the cleaning process becomes simpler for transparent glass bongs. Different brands of glass bongs are reviewed below.

* Nucleus: Discovered in the year 2016, this type of glass bong was first made in the state of New Jersey. Glass quality is superior, though the end product remains affordable for the buyers. As a result, Nucleus glass bongs have become quite popular these days. The glass does not influence the taste or flavor of the herbs.

* Yocan: Yocan Torch Replacement glass has been used for crafting bongs, vaporizers, vape pens, etc. This type of glass is known for its remarkable elegance. These smoking bongs are expensive, but they are worthy of every penny that you have invested in them. The glass does not exert toxicity into the smoke. It does not have any influence on the flavor. You will be able to enjoy the perfect taste and fragrance of the herbs.

* Raw: This company has made an excellent reputation in manufacturing pipes, glass bongs, and vaping pens. Glass bongs, manufactured by the Raw, are appreciated for its exceptional quality and durability.

* Empire Glassworks: This is another excellent manufacturer of glass bongs. If you are searching for supreme quality glass bongs with elegant design, you can find satisfactory ranges of products with Empire Glassworks. This is known for crafting top-notch quality products with perfection.

* Elements: For posh and royal feeling with the glass bongs, you need to choose products from Elements. These glass bongs are crafted to provide a unique appearance. They look classy and seamless.

Plastic or Fiber Bong

Glass bongs are expensive. At the same time, it is always risky to handle them. If you are not careful, glass material can crack up easily. So, when you are seeking cheap bongs, plastic, or fiber bongs are highly recommended. They will not be damaged if they accidentally fall or are mishandled. However, plastic bongs are not suitable for giving out the perfect taste of herbs. Smoking with plastic bongs is not a healthy practice, as well.

Ceramic Bongs

Instead of plastic, ceramic bongs could be better alternatives to the glass bongs. With ceramic bongs, you will get the perfect taste or flavor of the herbs. As a material, ceramic would not also cause any health hazard. Another notable thing is that ceramic bongs are cheaper than glass made bongs. They only drawback of ceramic bongs is no transparency. You have to clean the bong frequently, as resin buildup inside the bong would not be visible to you and might become a breeding ground for bacteria.


If you are looking for a unique bong, you can choose the bamboo bongs. They are not widely available in the marketplace. But, the popularity of bamboo bongs is rising among smokers. As a material, bamboo is affordable and durable. It does not lead to any significant influence on the taste or flavor of the herb that you prefer to smoke.

Meta Bongs

If you want to enjoy the royalty, you should go for metal bongs. There are different options available- including stainless steel, silver, copper, iron, bronze, etc. Depending on the type of metal, prices of the bongs vary. As a material, metal has little influence on the taste of the herbs.

Popular Bong Designs

There are various creative and innovative bongs designs which can found be found on online stores. You would mainly find two types of designs in the marketplace. The first type is a traditional design, and the other is a contemporary design. Various possible designs could be there. In the following section, a few popular bong designs are discussed.

* Straight Tube Bongs: These bongs appear classic and elegant. The simple design is actually the main USP (Unique Selling Point) of these bongs. You shall find straight tube bongs in different materials, including glass, plastic, bamboo, ceramic, etc.

* Beaker Bongs: As the name implies, these bongs look like beakers that are commonly found in chemistry laboratories. The base is pyramid-shaped, and it is attached with an elongated neck. Thick borosilicate glasses are used for crafting such bongs. You shall also find plastic or fiber beaker bongs at stores.

* Round Base Bongs: In case of beaker bongs, pyramidal based in noted. For round base bongs, the base is typically round shaped. Apart from that, the design of round base bongs looks similar to the design on beaker bongs.

* Inline Bongs: This type of bong ensures better smoking experience, as it filters out the smoke meticulously so that it becomes smooth. The smoke is also cooled off before you inhale it.

So, these were some of the popular options if you are looking for cheap bongs. The price of bongs depends on various factors, including material, design type, size, and many more.