A Complete Guide On How To Download Your Entire Facebook History

Facebook – the most largest social networking website in the world. Everyone seems to have a account on Facebook these days and love to update status, upload photos, creating events, chatting with Facebook friends and much more. It seems that everyone is loving sharing the information with friends, family and others.

Facebook recently introduced a new feature that allows you to completely download your Facebook History like status, photos, videos and much more with a single click. This new feature is called Data Downloader that download all your Facebook account information to your computer as a big ZIP file.

Why should you download all Facebook Data ?

Facebook is freaked out these days on its terms and conditions. Many has already been victim of Facebook terms and conditions violation and get their account terminated for small mistakes too. Once your account is terminated, you will loose all your Facebook data including photos and videos.

I think this is surely the feature that many Facebook users have been looking from a long time. Now, you can take a backup of your important Facebook data before it is terminated, hacked or something other goes wrong.

Tutorial to download Facebook History

Here’s the complete tutorial on how to download your entire Facebook History with the help Facebook Data Downloader.

You will find the option to download your Facebook data in your “Account Settings” page. Login in to your Facebook account, click on “Account” link on right hand top side corner of the page. A drop down list will appear and click on “Account Settings” option.

Login Facebook Account > Account > Account Settings

After click on “Account Settings” option, you will find “Download Your Information” option.

After clicking “learn more” option, you will receive an warning stating to keep your data and information secure after downloading it. Let’s see how you will receive the warning message.


After you click “Download” button, you will headed to the next screen notifying that your data be collected and you have to be patient while Facebook’s servers complete the request. The time will depend on your Facebook use but it will take maximum one hour.

Once you clicked on “Download”link, just sit back and wait for your email with a download link for the .ZIP file.

After some time, you will receive a mail from Facebook linking to .ZIP file containing your all Facebook history.

After clicking the link it will prompt you to verify your password before downloading the file.

Enter your password and it head towards to the next page. It contains a download button with the information about th size of the file. Click the “Download” button and wait for the download to get completed. You will have to extract it once the .ZIP file download complete. You will see it is separated into photos, videos, html and also index.html/ readme file.

All process is done, all your information is inside a folder and it is separated into photos, videos, html, index file and readme file. I would suggest you to keep it secure as it contains your personal profile backup.