A Checklist for Changing Address

Address is a crucial part of your legal identification. Various documents, bills, and payment cards contain your address and sometimes use it to deliver information or demand payment. In short, your address is a minor detail in nearly every part of your communication with the government and companies, but it may cause massive troubles if stated wrong. Thatís why the moving process includes the step of changing your old address to a new one. The challenge is to apply to all institutions that need to know your new location.

In the article, we discuss whom you are required to notify when you change the address. If you donít know where to start the process, this article will help you get an overview and regain a stable ground for a successful move. But first, letís clear some essential points:

  • Most of the processes can be done at home via governmental websites, but some institutions require your physical presence.
  • Check local regulations because they can vary across different states.
  • Do everything beforehand because the lack of some services may hit you hard in the turbulent period of moving.

1.   Start with the post office, save your mail from missing

Itís easier to start with them because you can fill the application online on the governmental site. You can also determine a specific time when youíd like the new address to be recognized. Itís precious for long-distance movers, who may spend several weeks or months in-between houses. One additional perk is that all mail sent to your old address will be resent to your new residing place for the first twelve months. It will help to avoid any missed bills or valuable correspondence if you wait for an answer from the university, for example.

2.    Remember about the voting address

Changing Address 1

Elections are not an everyday activity, but you need to prepare for them before being puzzled why you havenít received an invitation at your new address. Check the guide for a step-by-step explanation.

3.   Change the address for tax collection

To alter the address for the tax agencies, go online to their websites. Visit the Internal Revenue Service site and fill the 8822 form. Remember, you need to notify both the federal and state agencies, so contact your local authorities to change the state tax collection address.

4.   If you receive benefits from the government, youíll need to change the address there as well

The next step is to contact the Social Security Administration to check whether you receive any benefits and how to transfer them to your new place. Here you can choose from reaching them via phone at (800) 772-1213 or filling an online form.

5.   Deal with the house services

Changing Address

When you leave your previous home for a new one, youíll need to cancel the services you receive and ensure that every provider is aware of your transfer.

For gas and electricity, make arrangements to stop the service right after the move is finished. Firstly, youíll need electricity to complete the process of moving out without casualties. Secondly, after you move out, no one will look after the house, so if gas leaks or an electrical short circuit occurs, youíll have to deal with the disaster from a far distance.

Moreover, think about your new home and the services it needs. Contact your internet provider and ask whether itís possible to transfer the services, or look for another provider. Do the same with the phone and cable providers to make the first week at your new place as pleasant as possible.

Moreover, you may need to end services from a garbage company or water department, so check what kind of help you receive and plan how to cut all the ties without damage.

6.   The insurance moves with you, so make sure it covers all the unexpected damages

Whether your insurance covers your own home or a rented apartment, it can travel with you. Contact the insurance agency to clear the conditions and settle on the terms. They may demand to be notified some days before the move. Moreover, ask them if their policy protects your property during transportation.

7.   Let your coworkers congratulate you on the move

If you keep the same job with the change in the residing place, let them know the new address to enable them to send any documents to your new place.

8.   Even your credit cards include the address

Luckily, most banks provide their services online that will save time and nerves. Search their websites to change the address, especially if you receive benefits from the government or your job on the card.

9.   Your Netflix account will stay with you wherever you go

Here we remind you about the subscriptions on magazines or monthly socks delivery, for example. However, there is an interesting fact about Netflix accounts: even if you move out of the country, you will keep the package entitled to the country you left. Depending on the region, Netflix offers different packages of films and shows. If you want to change the country in your account, check their website for further instructions.

10. Say goodbye to recent acquaintances and old friends

Brewing in thoughts about the move for the last several months, you may imagine that everyone in the world is aware of your plans. However, even the closest ones may remain oblivious if you donít talk to them directly about the move. If youíve recently made a promise to meet with someone, notify them about the transfer. Then find a way to see each other before or after the relocation. Moreover, itís a great chance to get advice on subjects youíre not sure of, like a normal tip for movers or the best local internet provider.