A Beginnerís Guide to Spearguns and Polespears

fisher swimming for fish

Does the call of the deep blue sea make you want to grab your fishing equipment and head out to the nearest ocean? The sea is a vast and wondrous place, filled with many exciting experiences and underwater living creatures. Many have found a love for fishing underwater as they take in the breathtaking beauty of this majestic landscape. 

As a beginner looking to start your very first underwater fishing adventure, there are two tools you are going to consider. The first is a speargun and the second is a polespear. 

What Are Spearguns?

For those who love the thrill of the hunt underwater, youíll love the firepower that spearguns provide. Spearguns are designed to be effective even if youíre diving deep underwater and it works well in the various water pressure conditions you might come across. Spearfishers love the spearguns offer them enough protection from some of the more dangerous underwater predators. 

Spearguns come in a range of options too, and it is always wise to buy your spearguns from suppliers with whom you know quality is not going to be an issue. The last thing you want is for your speargun to break or fall apart underwater right when youíre in the middle of a hunt (or worse, about to face a predator head-on!). 

The advantage of using a speargun is that you get an accurate shooting range over a greater distance. It is also easy to use a speargun and the high-powered effect that you get is a bonus. Spearguns, however, can be dangerous if you donít know what you are doing. They are also leaning toward the expensive side, so if youíre working within a certain budget, a polespear might be something that interests you more. 

What Are Polespears?

A polespear is another tool that you would use if you wanted to go spearfishing underwater. These are often mistaken as Hawaiian slings, but they are not the same thing. A polespear consists of a pole that the diver would hold in their hand, a spear tip, and finally a rubber loop at the end. The rubber loop is attached to the end of the spear. 

Unlike a speargun, a polespear is a lot more affordable. It is also much safer to use if youíre a beginner, and it is fast and convenient. The only downside with the polespear is that if you lose it in the ocean, it can be quite difficult to recover, especially the spear tip. Another disadvantage you might struggle with if you are a beginner is losing a lot of fish until you have mastered the art of using a polespear. 

With both the speargun and the polespear, you need a lot of confidence and patience as you learn the ropes. Always exercise caution when working with either of these tools to minimize the risk of injury. 

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