A Beginners Guide to Software As a Service (SAAS)

If you don’t know the ABC of SaaS and are now looking to enter the SaaS world, then you have landed in the right place.

Here is your beginner’s guide to Software as a service (SaaS). Let’s dive in to know about this innovative concept.

What is SAAS?

Software as a service, as the name suggests, is known to deliver its applications and services but without any actual software. Yes! You don’t have to install any kind of paid or unpaid software. It simply uses the internet to deliver its services.

The simplest example is email. Emails use the internet for marketing and furnishing services. A few excel examples of SaaS applications include: characteristics

DropboxBigCommerceMailChimpGoogle AppsHubspotAmazon 

Exceptional SAAS Elements

The following aspects of SaaS that make it beneficial for users and stand out from multi-popular software include customization.

1. Convenient and separate customization

SaaS provides convenient customization of its services and applications to various kinds of businesses without affecting the planning of an individual business. 

SaaS develops separate customizable operations for every individual company and furnishes continuous updates with keeping in mind the security of users and customers. Such updates are even at a much lower cost in comparison to other high price software updates. 

2. Have a unique multi-tenant architecture

A multitenant architecture refers to using a central single basic code and planning by every kind of application and user.

This made it accessible and convenient for developers to use and save wide data by using a single updated policy and saves its valuable time in useless proceedings.

3. Secure subscription format billing

Most of the SaaS applications ask for secured subscriptions format billing to users instead of any upgrade costs.

This makes it quite beneficial for stoners to discontinue the subscriptions according to their choices.

What are the Benefits of SaaS?

A couple of benefits of SaaS benefiting businesses, for instance, B2B and B2C, include:

Less time, more privileges

SaaS reduces the time of operation in providing its exceptional services.

For instance, if you want to use a SaaS application, then there is no need to search and install the application that will consume much of your valuable time.

You just have to connect the required application servers from the cloud. In a few hours, your application will be ready to use. 

All applications are at one venue

Almost all SaaS applications dwell in cloud surroundings, and all SaaS services integrate and are accessible at this venue. You just have to boost a SAAS Service and prepare your plan.

SaaS applications will become ready to execute it. SaaS can even adjust its app’s operations according to your requirements revealing the SaaS automation trait. 

Lower costs in comparison to other higher-priced software

SaaS is available at much lower costs than others at almost every pace and still provides tremendous services. The following points indicate why and how SaaS is available at much lower costs: 

SaaS also targets MSMEs( Medium and Small Sized Businesses), and hence it is accessible at quite lower prices that can’t afford gigantic and more intelligent software for their small businesses.SaaS has a common multi-tenant environment, and hence it does not require extra cost for every individual business.As SaaS works in a single widespread environment, hence its maintenance cost reduces to too much extent. 

Top 5 Successful SaaS Companies Worldwide to Choose From

Here is the list of the top 5 successful SaaS companies you can opt for your kind of business:

Adobe – It is for small, medium-sized, creative consultants, bigger marketing teams, large B2C businesses.AtlassianThe company is for technology-based companies transferring their excellent managerial and planning tools.Fresh works – It is meant for specific enterprises, B2C businesses, and MSMEs.GoogleFor MSMEs and enthusiasts aspiring to build and promote their products on the cloud.MicrosoftFor almost every kind of business and organization.


Hence this was a beginner’s guide to Software as a service. We get to know the SaaS elements and SaaS benefits too. Now you are aware of the top 5 SaaS companies so that you can choose from them for your type of business.

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