9 ways to help with Android phone battery life

If you are an Android smartphone user, you will come across the need to save battery as much as possible. The battery consumption of Android devices is relatively low when compared to iOS devices. Hence, all people with Android smartphones must think about getting their hands on one of the batteries saving apps. Here is a list of 9 of the best battery saving apps available for Android smartphone owners to try out. These apps would assist you to avoid frustration when you are using the Android smartphone for long hours. Of course, having the most up to date version of the phone will go a long way to avoiding these problems. Visit Harvey Norman for the latest android phone for purchase.

1- Go Battery Saver & Power Widget

Go Battery Saver & Power Widget has received a lot of attention in the past for helping people to save battery juice. It can be considered as one of the most powerful battery saving apps available for you to try out as well.  One of the most impressive features about this app is that it comes along with several power saving modes. These power saving modes are named as power testing, toggle control, smart saving, and power saving. It is up to you to select any power saving mode out of them as per your preferences.

2- Battery Saver

Battery Saver is an app available exclusively for Android smartphone owners out there in the world. However, you need to keep in mind that the app is only compatible with rooted Android devices. Once installed, Battery Saver will look for the features that drain battery juice of your Android smartphone. They include sounds, Wi-Fi connectivity, display, Bluetooth, and all other similar features. When the app notices that a specific feature is consuming too much of battery power, you will be provided with a notification on how to control it.

3- iBattery

If you are looking to download a lightweight app for battery saver apps for Android to save battery energy, iBattery is one of the best options available to try out. It is available for the people to download from the Google Play Store for free. It is one of the most popular batteries saving apps as well. In other words, more than 5 million people around the world have downloaded this app. It can help you to save battery in many ways, such as by disconnecting the internet connectivity.

4- 360 Battery Plus-Battery Saver

You will be provided with a detailed 24-hour battery consumption report by 360 Battery Plus-Battery Saver. Any person who is looking for battery saver apps for Android can go ahead with this option. Once you activate the power saving mode that comes along with this application, you will be provided with an analysis of all the idle and background running apps. Then you can determine what apps are causing your battery to drain quickly. On the other hand, 360 Battery Plus-Battery Saver has got the ability to keep an eye on the apps that start automatically as well.

5- One Touch Battery Saver

One Touch Battery Saver is another free to download app available for Android smartphone owners to try out. When your battery level is reduced, One Touch Battery Saver will automatically turn off GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. In addition, brightness levels in your device will also be reduced. Through these methods, the battery life of the Android device will be adjusted automatically, so that you can extend available battery juice.

6- DU Battery Saver & Phone Charger

DU Battery Saver & Phone Charger can also be defined as a free to use app downloadable for your Android device. You can easily download this app from the Google Play Store. The unique feature of DU Battery Saver & Phone Charger is that it comes along with a smartphone cooler. This cooler has got the ability to maintain the overall CPU temperature at a healthy level. Hence, you can reduce the consumption of the battery in a convenient manner.

7- Power Pro Battery Saver

Power Pro Battery Saver is a convenient and a straightforward application that you will be able to use to save battery power as much as possible. In the Power Pro Battery Saver app, you will be able to find two different battery saving modes. These two modes are named as Balanced Mode and Ultra-mode. If you are extremely concerned about saving battery juice, you can go ahead and try out the ultra-battery saving mode. It can extend the battery life of your device by several hours.

8- Avast Battery Saver

If you are looking for a battery saver app that delivers enhanced flexibility, Avast Battery Saver is an ideal option available to try out. That is because Avast Battery Saver has got the ability to help you save battery power according to different situations. In the app interface, you will be provided with a single interface. This interface can easily be used to switch on and switch off battery saving modes. It can also be considered as one of the best battery saver apps that come along with intelligent battery saving capabilities.

9- Power Clean

Any person who is looking for the best battery save apps can download Power Clean. It is a professional looking battery saver available for you to try out. Along with saving battery mode, Power Clean has got the ability to improve the overall performance of your device as well. In other words, it can remove duplicate files and reduce CPU temperature to increase performance and save battery power.

So there you have it, 9 ways to treat and help with your android phone batteries life. For the latest android phones, like the Samsung Galaxy s20, visit Harvey Norman now.

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