9 Important Signs You Need a New Mattress

This new mattress is very uncomfortable

There are several different signs you need a new mattress. You can click here to learn more about when to replace your old mattress.

Sleep plays a vital role in your health. If you aren’t sleeping well, you need to do everything you can to find the reason you aren’t getting the rest you need. If you can’t figure out what is bothering you, you might even need to go see a sleep specialist.

Sometimes the solution might be as simple as needing a new mattress. If you aren’t sure about the signs you need a new mattress, we are here to help. Continue reading this article to learn when to get a new mattress.

1. Bed Is Dipping in the Middle

Do you find yourself trying to sleep on the side area of your bed because the middle is dipping? At first, you might not even notice you’re trying to sleep on the side of your bed because of a dip. You might think you’ve developed a love for sleeping near the edge.

If you notice you start out on the edge of your bed and in the morning, you’re in the middle — you might have a dip.

2. You’re Experiencing Skin Reactions

Do you wake up feeling itchy? Maybe you notice mild itching or it could be as serious as breaking out into hives.

As mattresses break down over time, their breathability decreases, which might cause them to become an irritant to you. Even mattresses made of organic materials are sprayed with pesticides, which could cause problems for your skin. Keep an eye out and see if you notice you’re only itching after contact with your bed.

3. You Can’t Fall Asleep

If you notice you’re taking longer than normal to fall asleep, this could be because of your mattress. Do you notice you keep tossing and turning during the night? If you keep having to reposition yourself, this might be due to an uncomfortable mattress.

4. You Go Deeper in the Bed Than Before

When you get in bed, do you feel like you’re falling? Or maybe you feel like you’re sinking deeper than you did before when you lay down?

If you used to be able to sit on your bed without any trouble, but now you’re falling in — you might need a new mattress.

When your body print stays for a long time or when you sink more than two inches, it’s time for a replacement.

5. Your Mattress Is 7-10 Years Old

Even if your mattress is holding up well, it might be time to look for another one. You might put up the argument that the mattress has a warranty for 20 years. While your mattress might have a 20-year warranty, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be comfortable that long.

Most high-quality mattresses will last for about 7 to 10 years. Most mattresses no longer work because of normal wear and tear and that is not covered by the mattress warranty.

6. The Look of Your Mattress Is Changing

One of the ways to notice when to change a mattress is when the mattress itself is changing. If you notice the mattress is changing visibly or if the way it smells or feels changes, you may need to get a new mattress.

Sagging, sinking, unevenness, and other similar problems are all ways your mattress might be changing noticeably.

If you don’t remember what your mattress used to look and feel like, you might want to go try out some other mattresses and see how they feel. If you notice they feel a lot better, it might be safe to say your mattress has changed.

7. Your Body Is Changing

It isn’t that anything is necessarily wrong with your mattress. Your body might be changing and causing you to need different things from a mattress.

While you might have been a belly sleeper before, you might opt for sleeping on your side now. Finding the best mattress for hot side sleepers, or sleepers that need a little more support might be necessary even if your mattress is functioning perfectly.

If you’re pregnant now, you might need a new mattress to keep you comfortable during this time. Aging and injuries also play a role in needing a new mattress.

8. Other Beds Are More Comfortable to You

Did you go to a hotel and experience a better night’s sleep because the bed was more comfortable? No bed should be more comfortable than your own.

If you do find a bed that is more comfortable than your own, find out what type of bed it is and immediately work on finding one for your own home.

9. You Need a Lot of Pillows or Toppers

Are you constantly checking out new pillows and toppers? While toppers can mute an uncomfortable mattress for a short time, if you fix the problem, you won’t have to spend so much money on pillows and toppers.

We’re not saying you won’t need pillows and toppers when you have the right mattress, but you won’t need to keep getting new ones.

Many people like to keep their pillows and toppers fresh, but you shouldn’t have to replace them because they are messing up due to a poor foundational mattress.

Pay Attention to the Signs You Need a New Mattress

Now you know more about the signs you need a new mattress. If you start seeing these signs, don’t ignore them. Even sleeping on an old mattress that needs to be replaced for a few months could cause you to experience difficulty sleeping.

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