9 Amazing 1 Day Trips From Vegas

Sin City is an oasis of entertainment, with the many casinos and world-class hotels located here. Should you want to get some time away from the busy streets of Vegas, there are unlimited options for you to explore.

A few miles from the city lie unmatched natural wonders for tourists to see. If you have thought about embarking on a day trip from Vegas, here, you can find the nine best destinations for a one-day trip from Vegas. Exploring these places will ensure you get a diverse experience of the state’s area and enrich your Las Vegas perception.

The Nine Best Options for One-Day Trips from Vegas

Here are some one-day trips you can consider and enjoy the surrounding areas of Las Vegas. From Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area to Hoover Dam, you are welcome to choose the next destination and see what amazing places the area offers.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

The site is only seventeen miles from Vegas, and, thus, comes as a perfect hub for anyone on a day trip. Major activities include hiking, hill-climbing, and scenic drives. Food and accommodation are also available as per your budget.

That said, Calico Hills, Scenic Loop, and Red Springs Loop Hike are some of the destinations you shouldn’t miss when you visit the place. Make sure to wear the right clothes to enjoy this area.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

A trip to the perfectly curved lakeshore trails offers more than relaxation. A thirty-minute drive from Vegas to Lake Mead can be an ideal option for swimmers, boat riders, and hikers.

But that’s not all, as the area has over 1.5 million acres of mountains, valleys, canyons, and two lakes for unlimited exploration. If you plan a trip for a day only, you will need to choose only a part of the recreation area to see, as it’s impossible to ride all over the Lake Mead territory at once.

Mt. Charleston

A winter trip to this forty-miles away destination from Vegas offers a contrasting landscape for tourists to enjoy themselves. This snow-capped site is perfect for sledding and skiing. Likewise, it provides an ideal shelter from the blistering heat of Vegas.

Area 51

If you are a military enthusiast, take a day trip to Area 51. The region is one of the most mysterious places all over the globe, and it also hosts the world’s most secretive military facility. Mike Tan, a partner at OnlineCasinoGems, noted, “All in all, you might not get full access to the stated features, but there are multiple options to explore here.”

Hoover Dam

It’s unimaginable that man could make such a giant construction at the beginning of the 20th century. First-time visitors will be shocked by the scene of the USA’s largest reservoir. The dam holds an astounding 28.9 million acre-feet of water, and you can hop on such a tour around the site literally daily.

Grand Canyon

One of the most popular choices out there is Grand Canyon West, as it’s only 122 miles from Vegas. There are lots of activities you can get engaged in to remember your trip for long.

Grand Canyon, as a whole, is among the most impressive natural sites in the world. During your trip, you will cross lines into Northern Arizona. Likewise, the region is about 277 miles, and you can even opt for a helicopter ride at an adequate cost.

If you don’t have much time to explore the whole place, choose hiking or white water rafting there. Make sure to carry some packed food with you on your visit here, as the grocery stores won’t be around.

Zion National Park

The site requires more than a day’s visit, but still offers an ideal scenario for a one-day trip. The greenery of the park comes as a sharp contrast to the dry canyons found around Vegas.

The park is located approximately 160 miles from Vegas and offers an opportunity to cross another state during your visit. That said, such a scenario is perfect for artists and photographers.

Valley of Fire State Park

According to Nevada Magazine, Valley of Fire State Park is situated fifty miles to the north from Vegas and is known as one of the most spectacular geological sights of the state. It is now the million-year geological activity that’s giving the park its never-ending glow. If you travel here in a group, a guide will tell you a long and interesting story about the place.

Hiking and scenic driving are the most iconic activities to do at Valley of Fire. However, temperatures here are known to rise to 120 °F, and, thus, it is vital to stay hydrated. You will find some food joints here, and there’s no need to pack something from home.

Death Valley National Park

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, this park is one of the hottest places in the world. A visit here will make you appreciate the availability of essential elements, such as water.

A trip without setting your foot in Furnace Creek, Badwater, and Zabriskie Point can be considered incomplete. Note that the heat won’t work wonders on your camera’s battery, so make sure to get it charged because it is the best place to take panoramic shots.

Wrapping Up

According to Gambling News Magazine, a trip to Vegas can be a great idea not only for casino and entertainment lovers but also for tourists who are ready to enjoy an endless series of beautiful landscapes. Even within a one-day trip, you get a chance to explore amazing sites not so far from the city.

You are assured of a fantastic experience if you visit at least one of the sites mentioned above. There are various hotels for your budget, from affordable to luxurious ones, as seen on Gamblers Daily Digest, as well as different tours and car rentals.

Start planning early and decide on the specific region to visit because the many options available might pose a great selection problem. Recreation facilities around the Las Vegas area are simply unsurpassed and worth seeing them with your own eyes.