8BitDo New Bluetooth Controller: Gamers with Limited Mobility

8Bitdo creates retro game accessories, such as Bluetooth wireless game controller. 8Bitdo focuses on developing retro electronic products using modem technology with retro shape and design.

The company’s main product is Famicom 30th Anniversary GamePad Edition, a Bluetooth game controller.

The 8BitDo controller is being used on a tabletop. The player’s left-hand controls the analog stick, and the right hand on the A and B buttons. A Nintendo Switch has a stand mode in the background.

The 8BitDo Lite SE contains an anti-slip backing, and all its buttons are on the facade for more comfortable access. 8BitDo

8BitDo is establishing a Bluetooth controller for gamers with limited mobility, designed in coordination with a dad and his young son with spinal muscular atrophy type 2. The Lite SE functions with Nintendo Switch and Android and is obtainable with a preorder at 8BitDo for $34.99, with a shipping date of July 15th.

The Lite SE looks a lot like the Lite controller 8BitDo launched in 2019. It is designed to be employed either handheld or flat on a table. The trigger and bumper buttons are moved and replaced with L1, L2, R1, and R2 buttons on the front of the controller. L3 and R3 have their buttons rather than depending on an analog stick click.

All of the inputs are more susceptible and more effortless to press. An anti-slip mat is built into the controller’s rear to keep it from sliding around when used flat.

According to the takeoff video, Andreas Karlsson reached 8BitDo after hand-building several custom controllers for Oskar. The company operated with the Karlssons for a year to design the Lite SE. The outcome isn’t as customizable or extensible as the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Still, it’s far less costly and could be appropriate for people who can’t comfortably use a standard controller but desire something close.

No triggers, bumpers, or clicky sticks: the Lite SE’s L1-R2 controls are correct with the remainder, and the thumbsticks are symmetrical. 

If you established a Nintendo Switch Lite and are looking for a suitably adorable controller to match, 8BitDo has just the forte. Today, the company reported the appropriately named 8BitDo Lite. This rectangular gamepad imitates the look of the Switch Lite so precisely that you might complicate it for a first-party Nintendo product.

It’s obtainable in yellow and teal sorry, gray Switch Lite owners and features the same buttons and functionality as the built-in controls, except with a pair of D-pads in place of the joysticks.

Now, you might be asking why you’d need an extra for a device designed specifically for portable gaming. The most likely answer is for multiplayer play; if you want to get in some impromptu games of Mario Kart 8, you’ll need a few controllers handy.

And these are at least tiny enough to toss in a small bag. That may be a specific use case, but the good thing is, like most 8BitDo products, the new controller works with a range of hardware beyond the Switch Lite; it also supports Windows, Mac, and Android.