8 Things You Should Know About Metabolism and How You Can Boost It


Do you blame your slow metabolism when you put on some weight? Before you do that, here are some things you should know. There is a thing called slow metabolism but what you have to keep in mind is that this is only a contributing factor when gaining weight. Aside from that, it is rare.

Some of the other things you should be looking at are physical activity, diet, genetics like hypothyroidism, and other factors. While having a slow metabolism (which is rare) can impact your weight, there are several things you can do to boost it. Here’s how;

Eat Your Protein

Thermic Effect of Food or TEF is when your body’s metabolism increases. Eating protein affects the rise of TEF. Through this process, your body will be able to ‘digest, absorb, and process’ all the nutrients you consumed. Drop in metabolism can also be avoided when you eat protein.

Drinking Cold Water

Drinking water and not sugary drinks is one sure way of losing weight and maintaining it. Water has no calories whereas sugary beverages have a lot. To add, there’s a temporary speed-up in your metabolism if you drink water.

Doing High-Intensity Workout

This kind of workout involves many activities that are, well, intense as the name says. Your body will burn more fat because your metabolic rate will increase when you do it. This workout is considered to be high in fat-burning.

Heavy Lifting

Building muscle can be beneficial when you want to lose weight and boost your metabolism. Heavy lifting will let you burn more calories even when you are resting. Lifting weight also helps in retaining muscle and prevent slow metabolism.

Stay Active

Having a Sedentary lifestyle means your metabolism will slow down. Sitting all day is terrible for the health; thus you should stand up once in a while even when you are working. Standing up for a whole afternoon can make you lose 174 calories.

Drinking Oolong Tea or Green Tea

Both these tea are favorites for faster metabolism. These teas transform body fat into free fatty acids. These free fatty acids burn fat more. Some also say that both these teas can help prevent the ‘weight loss plateau’ while some studies show that it doesn’t affect metabolism. But, there are still some people who lose weight because of it.

Eating Spicy Foods

Capsaicin which is a component of pepper helps boost metabolism. There’s a study that eating peppers can burn 10 calories each meal. It is not much, but it does help when you are combining it with other activities to increase metabolism.

Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep is linked to obesity. Besides that, it is also linked to an increase in sugar levels in the blood as well as insulin resistance which are risk factors for Type 2 Diabetes. Not getting enough sleep will also wake up your hunger hormone called ghrelin while dropping the fullness hormone.

Should You Do These Things?

You should if you want to boost your metabolism. After all, there is no harm in trying as these are all healthy techniques. If there is anything else you are concerned with, contact your doctor in LAs Vegas and talk to him about your metabolism problems.

Image Credits: Metabolism frommarekuliasz/ShutterstockMetabolism