8 Seriously Unique Gifts for Boyfriends Who Already Have Everything

gifts for boyfriends

Do you want to get your other half a gift he’ll actually like this year? You need to check out this list of seriously unique gifts for boyfriends.

With summer long gone and Thanksgiving approaching quickly it’s time to start thinking about the holidays. Black Friday is a great time to go Christmas shopping for your family, friends, and your boyfriend, of course.

But, if you don’t have any gift ideas it can get pretty difficult getting him something, especially if he already has everything. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate guide for gifts for boyfriends — even if he thinks he already has everything. Check it out below!

  1. New Cologne

His shampoo and body wash might smell good on any other day but a nice scented cologne will make you swoon on any date night. If he doesn’t already have a signature scent (no, that isn’t just for women!) spend some time picking out the perfect cologne for him.

If you can find out what kind of scents he likes before shopping whether its masculine or more subtle, you’ll have a better idea of what to get him. Either way, he’ll love the sentiment (get it?) behind this thoughtful gift. Plus, a guy can never have too much cologne!

  1. A Leather Belt

A new 100% leather belt is always a good, practical gift. Not sure if he’ll like brown or black? Get both with a reversible style.

If you’re looking for a more unique twist go the extra mile with getting it engraved. You can get his initials or even his last name. An embossed buckle will stand out and go well with any outfit, casual or formal.

  1. Heavy-Duty Gloves

Along with the holidays comes cold weather, and snowy nights — if you live on the east coast, anyway. Keep his hands nice and warm this season with a pair of quilted-leather gloves. They’ll protect his hands during those snow shoveling days and keep them warm from the cold steering wheel.

Want to get him something to wear year-round? A nice pair of leather gloves still go a long way and will keep his style on point. They’re especially useful if he drives a motorcycle or convertible.

  1. A Book of Beer

If your man’s a beer lover what better gift to give than “The Beer Bucket List”? This book by Mark Dredge has note-worthy breweries to hit while traveling the globe. He’ll find some new favorite beers while visiting some new favorite countries in the process.

Not only does this give him an excuse to taste test some of the best beers in other countries but it gives you both an excuse to take some vacation together! Hop on a plan and explore these hops-focused brews together.

Want to give him a bonus gift? A traveling pack including a neck pillow, ear plugs, and an eye mask will ensure he’s ready to go on those long plane rides.

  1. Comfy Slippers

Don’t you hate having to get out of bed in the early morning for work or a bathroom call? Crawling out from under those warm blankets and having the cold air hit your body is nothing anyone looks forward to, especially if you have tile floor. Your bare feet never seem prepared for this cold shock.

Save your man this shock with a pair of warm, comfy slippers. Get a pair with plush wool lining and his feet will thank you. Make sure they have rubber soles to keep him from slipping or to ensure his feet stay dry if he needs to run outside with them.

  1. Strava Craft Coffee

Speaking of early mornings, how many cups of coffee do you see him consume before work or throughout the day? Although coffee helps to wake your body up it can also give it the jitters and enhance any stress you’re feeling.

Help calm his work stress (or any stress for that matter) with Strava Craft Coffee. This coffee is enriched with CBD-Rich Hemp Oil, helping to calm your nerves and stress while giving you the caffeine you want without the jitters.

  1. For the Whiskey Drinker

If a CBD-rich coffee isn’t doing the trick to calm his stress, there’s nothing quite like the traditional after-dinner drink. Get him a nice bottle of Manhattan barrel-finished cocktail or the Straight rye whiskey for special occasions.

Bonus Gift: get him this whiskey set which includes a pair of ombre whiskey glasses and a stylish decanter to hold whichever whiskey you decide to get. Did we mention it’s mouth-blown?

  1. A New Ball Cap

Tried and true, this classic gift will always come in handy. Get him a new ball cap from his favorite team to show his loyalty. Like his belt and gloves, it’ll go with any casual outfit and works like a charm to keep the sun out of his eyes.

Plus, it’ll match his collectible trading pins. Read more now about them and store away some future gifts for the next holiday or special occasion. You’ll impress him with your knowledge and he’ll love the gift.

Gifts for Boyfriends Who Have Everything

It’s hard to shop for someone who virtually has everything they could ever need in life. Boys are already difficult to shop for — especially if they don’t give you a list of what they’d like.

That’s why this is the perfect gift guide for the upcoming holiday season. Buying gifts for boyfriends will be easy this year. Between a simple gift like comfy slippers or the “Beer Bucket List,” you’ll impress him with your shopping skills.

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