8 Best Shopify Apps That Will Save You Time and Money

Shopify Apps

One of the most exciting experiences of a modern entrepreneur is succeeding in opening an online store. However, the process is very demanding. It involves a lot of work, and failing would bring terrible disappointments to the founders.

The good news is that Shopify has continued to grow and providing endless new eCommerce opportunities for its merchants. Thanks to its supportive community and a wide range of ultimate apps. The apps cover all the business needs; from logistics to marketing and site optimization. Below is a list of the most reliable, easy-to-use, and efficient tools that you will find on the Shopify app store:

8. Langify

In case you sell products that have a global market, Langify is a must-have. This is a translation app that allows you to host your store in a variety of languages. When a visitor comes to your website, the app detects their default language and automatically translates to the language. It also gives visitors the option to pick languages of their choice manually. The translation of meta-tags is also well considered by its SEO support. The most appealing aspect of Langify is the exceptional customer support it provides for its users.

7. MailMunch

A recent study by eMarketer revealed that the median ROI for email marketing was 122%. This was four times higher than that of other marketing strategies such as direct mail, paid search, and social media. This was enough proof that email is the most efficient and cost-effective channel for sales conversion. MailMunch is a brilliant app that helps eCommerce merchants in building and growing their email lists. It does this by getting customers to sign up for their mailing lists. The awesome aspect of this app is that it requires no coding to deploy lead capture forms once you have installed it on your store. With MailMunch, a Shopify store owner can easily manage all the emails they’ve captured. These can be used for a segmented email marketing approach, by assigning contact tags to the list for easy filtering.

6. Oberlo

Could you be struggling to find the best products to sell in your new Shopify store? Then this app is designed for you. Oberlo is a dropshipping app that helps online merchants in finding trending products and adding them to their catalog. The beauty of this app is the convenience it brings to the store. As a store owner, you need not worry about holding the inventory. Your suppliers will ship the products directly to the customers, with your shipping label. With Oberlo, the security of products is nothing to worry about. The app comes with a sales dashboard and order tracking services that allow the store owners to monitor the delivery process in real-time. The app also provides you with order statistics, necessary for identifying products that are popular in the market.

5. Referral Candy

Recommendations from family members and friends play a significant role in marketing. A lot of consumers tend to value and believe purchasing insights from their close friends more than any other form of advertisement. Referral candy is an app that came to fill in this gap in the virtual market. More than 3000 online stores have adopted and trusted it as an effective marketing tool. When a customer purchases a product from the store, Referral Candy encourages them to share your product information. They share it using coupon codes. A lot of online merchants have come to love the app since it allows them to skyrocket their sales through word-of-mouth without breaking a sweat.

4. Yotpo Review

For online store merchants, displaying positive stories and kind reviews from customers is a never- grow- old strategy. According to a report by the Bright Local, only 12% of online consumers never care to read online reviews before they make a purchase decision. Yotpo review app aids online store owners in the collection and use of review widgets to display reviews on their product pages. The users of this app also enjoy the top-shelf quality features that are SEO friendly and customizable. One good thing about Yotpo is that it allows you to moderate all the received reviews and also generate social media traffic to your store.

3. Growave.io

A prospect who visits your online store may be interested in a particular product, put it in a wish list, but fail to make an immediate purchase. It would only be prudent if the store owner followed up and tried to convince them to buy the product. Growave.io comes in to make the follow-up process more efficient and seamless for online merchants. It helps them to send emails to these customers regarding the items in the wish list. Whenever these products are on sale, about to be sold out, or back on stock, the Growave.io app sends automatic reminders to the individuals. This way, the merchant manages to automate the conversion of their visitors into sales.

2. RetargetApp

Closely related to Growave.io app is the RetargetApp. This app was developed with one principle in mind— most store visitors never make purchases on their first visits. For this reason, an online merchant may lose a lot of money for the acquisition of traffic if they do not put up a strategy to retarget the customers. RetargetApp enables Shopify merchants to run Facebook retargeting campaigns. They do this by segmenting the audience, creating ads and optimizing them to return the best results. The selling point of RetargetApp is that it displays your ads to other potential customers who never visited your store. It also analyzes consumer behavior.

1. Excelify.io

For many Shopify store owners, the management of business data is never a walk in the park. The task is even more challenging in the case of large or multiple stores. From price adjustments to update of customer’s information, and the overall data backups. Normally, an online store owner would require different apps to perform all these roles. However, with the introduction of Excelify, merchants can afford to smile. They can now schedule automatic backups while updating their product data such as bulky price adjustments. These backups would also be useful when migrating business data between different platforms. The most brilliant aspect of Excelify is that unlike other apps, no extra payment is required to carry out all the roles together.

Success in eCommerce depends heavily on discovering new and innovative solutions. These help in growing your sales as well as expanding your brand. With the assistance of the above and more apps in the market, you can establish and run your online Shopify store with minimal setbacks.

Image credit: Shopify apps via Pixabay