8 Best Productivity Apps of 2020

Productivity Apps

Working online can lead to distractions and lost productivity, especially when multiple applications and software platforms need to be used and alternated. Fortunately, several companies have come up with solutions that allow individuals and teams to work more productively and efficiently, keeping communications on a single development platform, so users don’t have to. 

The main functionality of the productivity applications will focus on communications and project management. So no matter where they are, they can stay in touch with the rest of their team and provide the latest updates and useful information to everyone. This can be done for each project or by the department, so managers can make sure the right people are in the right place to do the job. Here we review the 8 best productivity apps.


Evernote is one of the most famous apps that almost everyone knows about. It has a ton of features, including syncing between devices, cross-platform support, offline support. And you can take all kinds of notes imaginable (list, voice, video, text, image). Besides, you can collaborate with other people. It’s as easy as sharing your notes. The free option is a bit dull. Still, there are two business plans to choose from, which add more functionality to it.


IF by IFTTT is one of the most exciting productivity apps available on Android. This app allows you to make recipes that will tell various apps to do things at different times. It takes care of almost all the tasks and lets your phone do it on its own. This is much needed for those who use things like smart lighting and other IoT devices. Also, you can do things faster, like automatically saving your photos from Instagram to Dropbox. It is powerful, but there is a learning curve. You can find various recipes already made with a few simple Google searches.


LastPass is not only one of the best productivity apps, but it’s also one of the best security apps. It stores your credentials for various sites. And then you can use it to log in. With it, you can create more complex passwords, login faster, and you don’t have to remember your password for every site you use. For small operations like that, it really takes away a lot of worries. There is also a LastPass Authenticator app, which adds an extra level of security. The free version covers most of the basic functions, but you have to pay the subscription for $ 12 per year to get all the features.

Microsoft Apps

Microsoft Apps shows you all of Microsoft’s apps on the Play Store. They include a variety of apps that can boost your productivity, including OneDrive, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Cortana, OneNote, Outlook, and more. Like Google Drive, it’s a suite of apps that work together to give you a consistent experience. There are also apps like Microsoft Remote Desktop that let you access your Windows PC from your Android phone. There are a ton of apps here, and they all have support for Windows. It’s a great way to merge mobile and office experiences for those on Windows.

Newton Mail

Newton Mail is one of the most powerful email applications. It supports almost all email providers. Moreover, it has many plugins for applications like Evernote, Trello, Todoist, Pocket, Zendesk, etc. This allows you to integrate them into each other without any problem for faster work. Its interface is simple and easy to use. There is also a sync bracket which facilitates the switches. You can get a basic feature set for free. But you’ll have to spend $ 49.99 per year to get the full experience.


Pushbullet is one of the classic productivity apps. It helps you establish a link between your phone and your computer. You can do things like reply to text messages, send files, and even set up channels to get notifications about specific things. It should work on Mac, Windows, and even Linux. This makes her a good fit for everyone. The free version gives you a trial of functions. This way, you can experience them. However, you will have to go further to get unlimited amounts of all the options available.


Currently, Slack is the best business communication app available. It supports literal and voice communications. There’s also integration for Google Drive, Asana, and other productivity apps. Besides, you get support for Giphy in case you want to add a plus. You can create an unlimited number of channels. This way, the teams can split up and talk about their projects individually. Additionally, small teams can demo this app for free for as long as needed. 


ClickUp is the best productivity app that uses for jobs and docs. ClickUp attracts all your work into a single location –one program to replace all of them. Whether you are proofing advertisements or functioning on sprints, then ClickUp is totally customizable for each kind and size of staff. ClickUp is trusted by tens of thousands of customers and more than 100,000 teams in the world’s greatest companies, Such as Google, Airbnb, Uber, and Nike.If you’re looking for a more viable alternative to ClickUp that focuses on collaboration, communication, and project management then give Nifty a try.