7 Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life During Isolation

Sex Life During Isolation

We’re stuck in this pandemic for months now and we have no clue about when all this is going to end. This staying at home has been a hard time for all of us. There are people who are with their families, while some are not.

During this pandemic, your life routines and schedules have all dismantled. However, your sex life need not get affected by all this. You can keep having fun and embracing your body even during this isolation.

You shouldn’t let it matter if you’re together or not. You can find out a way to keep your intimacy intact. There might me situations where some of you are always thinking about intercourse, while some of you might not even give it a thought.

Anyway, you should not let your sex life get affected in this isolation. If you’re confused what can be done to spice it up and keep it alive, don’t worry, we have 7 ways to spice up your sex life during isolation, even if you’re with your partner or not.

Try Sexting

Let’s start with tips for those who are apart from their partners. You can sext each other. It is the most simple option out there. Many people have misunderstandings about sexting. This does not only mean sending nudes to each other or telling how much you’ve ejaculated.

It can be as simple and sorted as chatting about sex. What you’d do if you were with your partner, how you would caress each other, your moves and everything that you’d do if you were together. It does not have to get too dirty or uncomfortable. You know your partner very well and know exactly what they like.

Get Into Some Character

Just normal intercourse might get boring at some point. Try out new ways to get into each other. Playing a character and then going for foreplay would really spice things up. You don’t need actual professional costumes or something to do so.

You can simply work things out with basics. You could try something like an office scene or a hot college teacher and student or other such things. Improvising is the key.

Play With Sex Toys

Sex toys is one of the best options you can look into. Even if you’re together or apart, this is an option which can be considered by both. Using variable vibrators and more options where your lover can control what and how much you feel can bring a new heat to your intercourse.

Try Different Places And Positions

If you are at home, most likely you must be doing it in your bedroom. Doing it at the same place might get a little off beat. So, try different places in your house. You could make stuff happen in the living room, kitchen or what better place than in the bathroom. Trying different places will lead to different positions and this variety will bring some heat.

Go For Phone Sex

This is another suggestion for the ones who are apart. Phone sex might sound weird but it’s not as you think it is. You should keep in mind that, it is someone you know and trust completely, someone you love. So, you can trust them and feel free to talk about it. You don’t need to rush it, you can take it slow and steady so that you enjoy every moment and feel the sexual embrace. Donít forget about video calls either!

Make Sure Your Partner Knows When You Are Turned On

It is not really necessary that in order to have intercourse you are turned on. It can simply just work the other way around and make things much simpler when you tell your partner whenever you feel turned on or aroused. There is nothing better than having intercourse when you are naturally aroused or turned on. This will help you get the best time and will surely bring your sex life on track.

Discuss And Fulfill Your Fantasies

Discussing about your fantasies and trying to fulfill them brings the required satisfaction to your sex life. Don’t think about how wild or weird your fantasy is, just go for it. Doing this will keep openness intact. Listen to your inner desire and give yourself the desired pleasure.