7 Ways Technology Can Help You Save on Utility Costs

Set of red plastic gears for energy producing

While we typically pay attention to how technology consumes power, you can use it to save money on energy usage. Not only that, but technology is increasingly being used to reduce your energy consumption. The next step is finding which technology you could use in your operation without affecting its efficiency and bottom line. Here are 7 ways technology can help you save on energy and utility costs. We’ll cover a variety of practical tips that almost any business can implement regardless of what industry you are in.

Install Upgraded HVAC Equipment

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning consume thirty to forty percent of the energy used in the average home. In some commercial facilities, it is even greater. One way to save energy is to install more efficient chillers. Their enlarged condensers, larger evaporators and more efficient compressors dramatically lower cooling costs. Rooftop condenser units are far more efficient versions of your gas fired heating and ventilation system. Some units hit 97 percent efficiency.

Replace Your Lights

Replace your light bulbs has been a mantra of the green movement for years. Induction bulbs use a quarter of the power of traditional lamps, and they may last forty times as long. Don’t forget to replace your neon signs with LED lights as well; while the LED signs cost about as much as a neon sign, they last much longer. They also need far less maintenance.

Put in Water Efficient Toilets and Urinals

The average home may use several litres of water every day just to flush a toilet, but commercial and industrial facilities have far more toilets than the typical home. This is why the water savings alone make it worth installing water efficient toilets and urinals, and replacing toilets with urinals where practical.

One option you could consider would be to use waterless urinals. These units don’t need any flushing mechanism or water to function. Instead of a traditional drain, these urinals use replaceable cartridges that contain a special type of sealant liquid. This sealant liquid forms an airtight barrier which prevents odours from spreading. The sealant is also lighter than the fluids, allowing it to float on top. Only the urine is flushed down the drain while the sealant stays in the cartridge. While the urinals can be cleaned like any other type, the cartridge will need to be replaced every three to four months or so.

Check Out Online Energy Brokerages

You should also use the internet to your advantage and shop around for a better deal on energy. Online brokerages could help you compare various suppliers’ deals, and they provide detailed information on various deals so you can find the best plan for your business.

Online energy brokerage services like Utility Bidder, for instance, specialise in helping you find a better deal on business gas rates. You may save money on business gas by switching suppliers or even bundling gas and electricity with a new energy supplier. Simply having this information allows you to bargain for a better deal with your current supplier if you don’t switch after getting a better business gas quote.

Upgrade Your Motors

Premium energy efficient motors will use a fraction of the power conventional motors do. These designs run cooler, too, so you won’t have to devote as much energy to cooling down the plant. They’re also quieter and generally more reliable. When equipment needs to be replaced, use the Energy Star ratings or energy efficiency information as one of the deciding factors in choosing what you buy.

Match Energy Usage to Actual Need

The next step is to install an electrical distribution system that optimises voltage so that equipment only gets the energy it needs. Another option is installing programmable thermostats. Don’t cool rooms on weekends when there is no one there, and don’t heat or cool things further than the room occupants consider comfortable.

Reduce Commuting Costs

Help your company and your employees reduce energy usage and costs by reducing commuting. Allow people to work from home where possible. Encourage car-sharing and taking public transit. Your company might get more people willing to take the tube or bus if you implement micro-transit or company-owned vans that pick them up at the public transit hub and bring them to the office. They’ll reduce car usage, and some may be able to ditch the car altogether.

There are ways you can reduce your company’s energy bills without sacrificing comfort, convenience or quality. And a variety of approaches will make your business genuinely eco-friendly.