7 Ways Students Can Save Money in University

save money

It is evident that most of the students lack money. It is due to student loans, no time for side jobs, and extra expenses which we won’t discuss here as private. If you are one of those struggling students, we have a list of ways you can follow to save some money in college or university.

Control Your Expenses Daily

Even if you only manage to do this thing, you’ll succeed at some point. It is almost a law of nature that when you start following some item really close, assessing, observing it, you gradually want to see it getting better. If you, for example, weigh yourself everyday, it helps you to eat less and train more, as you want to see better numbers on the scale. When you note down every single expense you have to see where money goes and how fast, and you often give up on some extra purchases. When you’ve done it for at least a month, you can make some analysis and see which aspects of your life are the most expensive and how you can economise.

Use Budgeting Basics

It is a shame that budgeting basics for personal finance are not taught at school, as it is a skill that every person should have. It is no wonder that so many students have problems with money — they were living with parents and later they suddenly face the necessity to budget everything themselves. And even if they have money, they don’t know how to use them properly. Read a book about personal finance, and make a budget for the next period. Set some limits and see if you can live up to that promise.

Limit Going Out

Going out is expensive. We are used to it, and we think that it is a natural part of life, but in fact it is a luxurious time spending which is so much promoted by movies and series. In those movies even absolutely broke people have money for bar, taxies, serving their friends with almost endless amount of beer, etc. Those are just movies, in reality we don’t have that kind of money, so let’s not act like we do. Learn how to say “no” to most invitations and you will save a considerable sum of money at the end of the month. You will also have more time to write your essays. Speaking of which…

Address Cheap Essay Writing Services

The times when you had to overpay for academic papers are long gone. There are some truly quality writing services which can provide you with cheap essays even if the deadline is scarily close. Of course, you should check the credibility of the company you address. Buying papers online often helps to save much more money than you actually pay to a writer, as you have time to do some side job and you don’t have to face problems with a particular course, extra tuition money, etc.

Say “No” to Emotional Shopping and Comfort Food

When you analyze the list of expenses you add daily (you do, right?), you will see that among absolutely necessary purchases there are lots of items you wouldn’t buy if you were not upset, or irritated, or worried, or even too happy and joyful. Emotional shopping is a Christmas gift to marketing specialists. If we purchased only things we need, we would have ruined the economy. We don’t buy things we actually need, we buy things to answer our emotions. Try to control yourself in this matter as much as you can and you will save at least one third of your free monthly budget.

Start Cooking

If you think that living on pizzas and nachos is a budget-healthy diet, than you are significantly wrong. Of course, healthy food is not that cheap, but we don’t offer you to buy ocean salmon, the salad and potatoes will do. If you don’t waste the cooked food and don’t throw it away regularly, but shop, cook and eat what you cook, you will be surprised how much money you have at the end of the month.

Make Looking for Discounts a System

Discounts are not for losers, they are for people who want to save money and win the game with corporations at least sometimes. Coupons are also not for losers, you can use them, there is no shame in it.