7 Ways of Making Your Content Go Viral

7 Ways of Making Your Content Go Viral

Viral content is any content that gains popularity overnight. You can create viral content inform of a Facebook post, a tweet, a YouTube video, or a blog post. For content to be viral, it has to be shared thousands of times. In some cases, viral content gets shared millions of times.

Why is viral content important? It builds your brand presence, and with the content, you get a new audience which you would never have reached through organic advertising. Viral content invokes emotions by invoking awe, amusement, laughter or appealing to peopleís narcissistic side.

So, how can you make content about ICBC lawyers Surrey go viral?

  1. Use listicles

The use of lists still rules in content marketing. By creating long lists, you appear smarter, and you help people define themselves better. For the best results, you should consider lists of ten and above. Remember that lists with ten items are still very popular and they get the most shares. For fascinating content, go all out and have more than 20 items on your list. You can also create a list of inspirational quotes.

The use of list remains the easiest and the most effective way of creating viral content because the lists make content easy to read and absorb. Your readers have a short attention span, and you can hold their attention with interesting lists.

  1. Images

How many times have you seen images breaking the internet because of the genius involved in the creation and also because of the messages they portray? Images attract attention, and people find it easy to share articles with images.

  1. Posting on the right days of the week

Every social media platform has a specific time and day where content gets more engagement, and it reaches a wider audience. Identify the days and take advantage of it.

  1. Longer articles

There could be contention about this but, longer content is comprehensive and shows that you researched. As a result, the content gets more shares. Donít forget to repost content.

  1. Happy and cute articles

Sell cute and happy. It doesnít matter if it is a cute cat video as it will trend if it is cute and it makes people happy. People donít like sad content.

  1. Quizzes

Feed your audiencesí egos and make your followers feel important by quizzing them. People like to share how good they are, and no one likes to fail.

  1. Infographics

Visual content piques interest, and since everything is on one page, people donít struggle to scroll down. Look at Pinterest!

Finally, you have to let influencers share your content. Those people command a large following, and those followers could be your new followers!