7 Tips for new eBay sellers

eBay sellers

Selling products on eBay is not as easy as it looks, at least thatís if you want to be good. How can you simplify the sales process, increase your chances of selling goods and make a reasonable profit? The answer lies in the adoption of several key strategies which are really crucial for becoming a winner on eBay.

You need to know how to price your goods, the best way to list them, and then ensure that you monitor them and can update prices or adverts on non-selling products. If you’ve tried to sell something on eBay, unfortunately it did not work or have not yet given a chance? Try these tips, as they may help you in your quest to become a successful seller.

Use a Template for your listing

You donít have to produce a listing from scratch.  eBay, will help you with many choices to make for your template. Steps to consider for the listing page enter UPC code, ISBN number and the Identification number for the product. If your product is currently on the eBay list, you must create a pre-filled page with basic information such as a site, title, summary, or description, photos, and more. Then fill the bins – conditions, additional photos, prices and shipping information.

If your product doesnít have a UPC code or other number, it usually starts with the correct pattern by giving a specific name or title. In these cases, eBay can provide several templates for your choice. Then, make sure that the “Complete this information with the eBay catalog information” option is checked at the top of the list page, so that all the details about the item appear.

Never sell without setting a price

If you are not sure how to get the price you want? eBay can also help here. It searches for items that are sold by UPC code, ISBN, or name. If your product is unusual, you should find the previous list for it. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the checkbox on the left for “Completed Lists” to see what happened. Each green price represents a product sold in this amount. Non-green prices show the list of final products but not sold. When you click on “Sold Lists”, you will see vendors at a specific price. This way you can easily place your items at a similar selling price.

Place free ads to lower your selling costs

By default, eBay offers you a free number of ads, up to 50 per month. They also send out offers to your eBay inbox messages with details of special listing offers that allow you to list even more items in specific categories. So take advantage of these offers.

Sell to International clients

Choose a global shipping plan that lists your listing internationally. You can work with online courier services such as Courierpoint.com. To offer reliable delivery options from branded carriers at discounted prices. Ensure that your clients get sent their tracking details promptly when the shipment is dispatched, so that they can track their shipment and leave you great feedback.

Use both a Buy it Now and Best Offer strategy

Sometimes if you let a prospective buyer know that you are open to a close offer, this can get you a buyer at a price that you can accept. So along with your Buy It Now button always include a submit your best offer.

Use New Packaging Material

You want to ensure that your goods arrive in good condition and make a good impression on your buyer. New boxes retain more strength than used ones, so send out your goods in brand new boxes with plenty of internal packaging. Knowing that a client leaves feedback on the quality of your packaging means that you should always excel at this.

You may even want to consider personalized shipping boxes with your brand’s logo.

Enclose a hand written thank-you note

Every time that you get a sale you have an opportunity to thank and encourage that buyer to use you again. That is why I enclose a hand written thank-you note with each delivery I send out. I also enclose details of any complimentary products that I have available and sometimes a money offer voucher for future purchases made directly on my ecommerce website.

For all the seller out there. Follow these latest tips to help you build a viable business selling on eBay. There are many ways to make money online but selling on eBay is one of the most established and can give you access to thousands of potential buyers without you needing to spend any money of advertising and  promotion. That is why eBay  is a great place to start an online business and see if the world of buying and selling is for you.

Image credit: eBay sellers via Denis Radovanovic/Shutterstock