7 Things to Know About Printing T-shirts Online


There is something incredible about knowing you can create a custom design that a company will print on a t-shirt so you or others can eventually wear it for many years. Although it is easier than ever to have t-shirts printed online, you should take your time with the process. So let’s review everything you should know before you print t-shirts online, including the cost, minimum orders, printing options, and how to find discounts.

It is critical to read the returns and exchanges policy

Every company you order from has a returns and exchanges policy. Although this might seem like boring information that will not affect you, it could happen at some point. Terms vary between businesses, so read through the policy for each company from which you order. 

For example, if you order blanks through the Bella+Canvas Makers Program, they need you to return each blank t-shirt as you received it, such as unworn and not washed or decorated. 

Understanding the terms before placing an order can help you have that knowledge available if you want to request a return or exchange. In addition, if a returns and exchange policy were to change, the company would typically announce the news via email. So sign up for the company’s email newsletter to stay informed of any changes that might affect you (or to find out about any great deals). 

Not every company requires a minimum order

You do not necessarily have to buy custom-printed t-shirts in bulk, although you can if you need a large quantity. As a result, having a no minimum order requirement allows you to order as few or as many tees as possible to accommodate your needs. Depending on the company you are doing business with, you can order even one shirt if they do not have a minimum purchase requirement. You can see your custom design on one t-shirt without spending much money buying many pieces.

However, read the company’s fine print on their ordering policy before purchasing your t-shirts. Learn what their requirements are about the minimum number of tees you have to buy before being able to place an order. In addition, you can call the company’s customer service number to identify if they have a minimum order requirement.

Printed t-shirts are more affordable than you might think

Having t-shirts printed online is likely more affordable than you think. This method can especially be the case if you place a bulk order considering the prices are usually less than retail. Depending on the business, the price may continue to drop the more t-shirts you buy as you move up in quantity ranges, such as if you want to order many tees for a family reunion or a company picnic. 

Take note that specific add-ons might result in extra costs. For instance, if you opt for screen printing, the price might increase as you continue to request colors in your design. Before placing an order, understand what has the potential to raise the cost, so a higher-than-anticipated total does not blindside you.

Paying attention to requirements can equal high-quality products

T-shirt printing companies have requirements to ensure they produce the highest quality products. Read what they are before ordering. For example, they may ask that customers send in a high-resolution image rather than a low resolution image. Doing the former usually produces a better graphic print on the t-shirt than if you send in the latter. 

Customers may need help understanding any behind-the-scenes aspects of t-shirt printing. If you are curious if it is possible to have a design done in a certain way, ask the company. An employee will likely deliver excellent customer service by answering your questions.

There are a wide variety of available t-shirt styles

There are many available t-shirt styles you can consider buying. What is available depends on the company you order from, so peruse its t-shirt section to see the current inventory. T-shirt styles may include cropped, oversized, relaxed, slim fit, v-neck, boxy, and muscle. 

There may also be an extensive selection of available colors and an entire range of sizes. Knowing what is available can help you determine which combination of characteristics can complement your design. 

You also want to keep the recipients of the t-shirts in mind to ensure they would approve of your choices and would wear the completed clothing items. Choose tees composed of soft, high-quality material people would be comfortable wearing.

You may be able to find discounts

Some t-shirt printing companies offer discounts that could reduce the total amount of your order. You can find these cost-cutting discounts in many places, including on the company’s website. In addition, you can also sign up for their email newsletters before placing an order to see if there are any promo codes, such as ones for new customers, or if you spend a certain amount on a single purchase.

Another option is to call the company directly and speak with one of their customer service representatives. They may know of discounts or deals that you have yet to see or that are not publicly available that you could use to reduce your order’s total amount. 

There are multiple printing options

Customers who want to order printed t-shirts online can decide between several printing options. Therefore, understanding the differences between the types can help you decide which is best for your project. 

For instance, direct-to-garment (DTG) printing allows an extensive color palette, and there is usually no limit to how many colors you can include. On the other hand, screen printing often limits how many colors you can use per design. Meanwhile, DTF transfer printing lets you create detailed designs with as many colors as you want, surpassing the color limitations of screen printing.

Only some printing companies will offer some printing options, so if you prefer, check if they can complete it before ordering. If you have no preference and want high-quality results, ask the company what would be ideal for your particular t-shirt design ahead of time. 

While there is a lot to know about printing t-shirts online, the most crucial piece of knowledge is that it is possible to have a high-quality product–from the fabric to the graphic print–that perfectly showcases your talents and creative designs. It can be great to wear a t-shirt that you had a big part in helping to create, especially if you get compliments.