7 Solid Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in Cloud Computing

Up until now, everybody has heard about cloud computing. However, not all professionals are fully aware of the advantages of cloud computing, although they have been bombarded with information on the topic for the last decade.

While many businesses have switched to cloud computing due to the immense advantages brought by it, others still wonder if they should switch from on-premise computing solutions to cloud ones. The answer to this lingering question is yes, they should, but more on the topic you can find below.

#1. Affordability

Although the general opinion is that implementing and maintaining business cloud solutions is an expensive process, the truth is, developers and solution vendors only change small amounts for similar solutions. These access fees can be charged monthly or annually and it can be paid per user or on multiple accounts. Paying these fees will allow you to set up accounts and remove those until you reach the maximum number of users.

But what makes these services so great? Well, instead of depending on CDs and USB sticks, or even website downloads when you need to install the software on a device, you will have it prepared and ready to use in a matter of minutes.

Plus, licensing costs are usually included in the purchase price so your IT team won’t have to worry about keeping up with licensing on all your software products.

#2. No Need for a Special IT Department

Data cloud in the hands of the businessman on the background network.

Small startups and small businesses worry about needing to create an IT department if they consider adopting cloud computing solutions. In reality, these businesses simply can’t afford tech support or the services of a full-time IT expert. Some don’t even dream of hiring the services of a professional server administrator. These services usually come with steep price tags, costs that businesses at the beginning of their journey simply can’t afford.

However, in cloud software’s case, tech support and maintenance are usually included in the purchase price and they come in various forms. You can enjoy professional tech support services via the phone, mail, or even help desk solutions.

While these dedicated cloud computing enterprises have the necessary finances to pay their staff generous salaries, you couldn’t. for many small businesses, could computing is the only solution they can afford if they want to enjoy extremely high-quality tech support and server maintenance services.

#3. Easy Remote Access

As today businesses become increasingly mobile and professionals tend to work from home or even hotel rooms and parks, could computing solutions allow them to access their files, regardless of their location. For businesses, this means increased productivity and met deadlines. All projects can be completed and kept moving, no matter the employee’s location.

Cloud computing allows professionals to carry on with their tasks, even when they don’t remember to take their files with them at home or on vacation.

A presentation can be simply deployed today from the user’s smartphone. All relevant applications inside a company can also be accessed easily. This allows professionals to have easy access to whatever information or data they need without leaving their offices.

#4. Scalability

All businesses plan to grow and develop over the years, and cloud software offers enough scalability to make it possible. Even hiring new employees becomes significantly easier with could computing.

When teams expand, the account manager can simply add another user in the cloud. And when a company uses all available accounts included in the package, they can always upgrade to a more generous one, with minimal efforts.

Finding an IT services company isn’t hard as there are a lot of classifications of IT services.

Besides offering immense scalability potential, could solutions also offer the perks of new interesting and useful features quite frequently.

These new features can also be added by the developer at any time, depending on their client’s demands and needs, as there are multiple cloud deployment models. Another additional advantage of cloud software is that they can be easily integrated with other software solutions. Everything can be handled from a single place, in their presence.

#5. Reliability

When you rely on cloud computing solutions, you never have to worry about server outages. We all know how harmful, on how many levels these incidents can be.

Such events can put a stop to any businesses’ activity and they can put an enormous burden on the profits generated. If these events occur on a frequent basis, you will certainly end up losing clients and collaborators.

Well, the great thing about could software is that developers are fully aware of the fact that their products should show increased reliability. They make a point our of assuring reliable and facile access at all times for their clients and many build backup versions to assure that in the prospect of similar events, their clients will still have access to their files and data.

Even when cloud developers don’t have backup servers for all their clients, they still have the necessary resources to fix any potential issues faster than an SMB could ever do with their on-premise servers.

#6. Connect External Users

If you collaborate with third parties, you may want to grant them easy access to some files and data that concern them as well. This way, your business and professionals eliminate the need to constantly send emails with important updates and developments.

Could connectivity mean that collaboration is ensured at the levels that your company needs, without offering access to all the files and data. Important documents can always be updated by anybody and they can be accessed in real time and all projects can be accomplished faster.

#7. Security

Security is another concern that businesses worry about constantly. Luckily for them, cloud computing promises and offers indeed a high level of security, including data encryption. The password requirements are also severe. For many, these aspects may be irrelevant, but for businesses all over the world, these aspects matter enormously as leaked data and information may damage a company’s hard-earned reputation.

These are the most important and relevant reasons why you should consider adopting cloud computing solutions for your business, especially if you fall into the start-up or SMB category.