7 Pro Tips to Help You Master Your Mac

Mac Tips

Mac is one of the most secure and user-friendly systems out there, but there are many ways to make even more of it than meets the eye. Whether youíre a seasoned user or just getting to know iOS for the first time, there are plenty of neat tools, tricks, and shortcuts you can use to increase its ease of use, save time, and be more productive. Here are seven pro tips to help you master your Mac in 2021.

Sign Documents Directly in Mail

When you have a PDF file to sign, forget about printing it, signing it manually, and scanning it back in. Even if youíve already gotten more up-to-speed and use an electronic signature service to sign your documents, you donít even have to go through the hassle of uploading and downloading it anymore because Mac allows you to sign documents directly in the Mail or Preview apps. The trick is super-simple and will save you loads of time.

Use Currency Conversions in Spotlight

Designed to make the already user-friendly Mac even easier to navigate, Spotlight is a great tool when you know how to use it. You probably already know that it can help you quickly locate files, documents, and apps on your Mac, and maybe you already use it to get the latest weather updates and news reports.

But did you know that you can use Spotlight to perform currency conversions and other calculations? Open Spotlight quickly by pressing the command key with the space bar, type your calculation into the search bar, and get the answer as a search result. For currency conversions, simply type the amount you want to convert with its currency symbol and the search results will provide the conversion rates for various currencies.

Enhance Security with a VPN

Youíre not alone if you think that Macs are invulnerable to viruses and cyber-attacks, but in this technologically advanced age, the truth is that every device that accesses the internet is vulnerable, no matter the OS. Getting a VPN for your MacBook will help ensure your security while you browse online. A VPN encrypts all data that passes through from one end to the other and keeps your data safe from anyone accessing it without permission, whether itís a hacker, your ISP, or the government.

Create Your Keyboard Shortcuts

While we all know about universal keyboard shortcuts like command+C to copy and command+V to paste, did you know that you can create your unique keyboard shortcuts to easily access any menu option of your choice? Simply follow System Preferences to Keyboard, then click on Shortcuts and select App Shortcuts. From there, click the + icon and a box will pop up where you can create a keyboard shortcut that leads to the application of your choice.

Rename an Entire Group of Files at One Time

If you have several files or photos that you want to rename, you can save a lot of time by renaming them all at once instead of doing them one by one. Select one file, then hold down Shift while you click the others. Then, right-click and find the Rename X Items option. Add or replace the file name text and voila! All done.

Add Single Control Center Icons to the Menu Bar

If there are some Control Center icons that you access often, you can save time by adding them directly to the menu bar instead of having to go through the process of finding them in the Control Center every time you want to use them. Simply drag whichever icons you use often out of the Control Center and onto the Menu Bar, and youíll have easy access to them.

Use a Password Manager

To ensure the safekeeping of your data, itís important to keep strong, unique passwords for each account you manage. The safest way to keep everything organized is to use a trusted password manager so that you never lose or leak your information.

Follow the tips and tools above to keep your data safe and organized while saving time and optimizing your productivity. Before you know it, youíll be a Mac master.