7 Online Grocery Delivery Options that Are Beneficial for Both Customers & Shop Owners

Online Grocery Delivery

When it comes to online grocery delivery, the anticipation of customers continuously increases. The ease and different grocery delivery choices play a significant role which makes most customers go for online shopping. As per the research, approx. 50% of customers choose to pay more for effective delivery options, whereas 66% of customers opt for one grocery shop over another because it offers many delivery alternatives. The challenge that grocery shops are facing nowadays is delivering the products fast and easily to customers as well as keeping the condition of products perfectlyNow, there are many new improvements and technologies to follow in pursuit of offering the placed order in a fast and efficient way to the customer.

Most Appropriate Online Grocery Delivery Alternatives for Customers and Retailers

Grocery shops or retailers must understand the most desirable online grocery delivery options that the customers are searching for. This assists in doing on-time grocery delivery according to customers’ choices. It improves the relationship with the customers, increases the conversion rate, in addition to the sales.

1. Scheduled or Arranged Delivery

One of the finest grocery delivery alternatives customers always choose is scheduled delivery. They wish the products to be delivered to their homes at the stated time and date. This assists in reducing replicated deliveries as the customers will be no doubt at their homes at a particular time. This consistently saves time for the delivery service providers because they do not need to wait or come back to deliver that specific product. Thus, scheduled grocery deliveries also assist customers in sending a product, like a gift, to their friends or family at the correct time.

2. Delivery Through Drones

Delivery via drones is trending today, as they might deliver products or orders very fast to customers. Also, customers who place orders on the 11th hour can obtain their products within a few minutes. Many customers are even prepared to pay more to get their orders delivered fast to their homes. Drones are weather-reliant but still are regarded as one of the effective grocery delivery alternatives because they deliver products very fast. Even though delivery drones are not extensively implemented by various online grocery shops today, it is no doubt that in the coming years, product delivery using drones will be the trend and transform the complete landscape of online grocery delivery.

3. Delivery Using Robots

Delivery Robots are an option for delivery drones where customers can track the drones via their smartphone application. Even customers are more inclined to get their products delivered by a robot because they can regulate the shipment of a self-driving delivery robot on their mobile application. Also, these delivery robots allow customers to obtain their products at any place and at the time of their preference. The delivery robots are environment-responsive and cost-efficient when evaluated to last-mile delivery choices. In prospect, this technology will allow customers to make last-minute buying of essential items and get them delivered very fast to their homes.

4. Same-day Grocery Delivery

Several customers these days have an increased demand for same-day grocery delivery. If you are not capable of delivering the groceries on the same day, it can impact your brand status and direct to reduced sales. You may be even deprived of your lasting customers, which can affect your business more if the groceries are not shipped on time. Delivering the groceries on the same day will increase customer reliability as well as conversion rate. As a top online grocery delivery service provider, you must think about the same-day grocery delivery alternative as it assists in getting new customers and improving the complete ROI of your business.

5. Local Grocery Delivery

Local grocery delivery can be the best alternative if you have your own means of transportation. Then you can ship the products simply to your customers without relying on any kind of transportation means. You are even required to mention precisely to your customers that you will provide service to specific places with pin codes or a distance. You can provide the price information, such as the price for each order or the price depending on the weight of each order. This assists your customers in placing orders effortlessly and fast. You should give the dates and timings that are preferable for local delivery and the dates that are already reserved, thus, customers can do hassle-free shopping.

6. Store Pick-up Service

Some customers choose to buy groceries in-store, whereas coming for store pick-up of products in order to save enough time, and also, they can purchase groceries very fast. In such a condition, you should understand even if the customer comes close to your shop or wishes to collect it while remaining in the car out of the store or at a location nearby your store. To understand all these, you require to interact effectively with your customers by sending alerts when their pick-up time is nearby. You may also call them to gather all the information, such as any halt in their arrival, where to come for delivery of a product, etc. You can also help them if they have any questions regarding your store pick-up service.

7. Multiple Delivery Choices

You should always keep the customers’ preferences in mind and give them multiple delivery alternatives, which makes them easy to buy groceries online. You can provide them with various grocery delivery alternatives depending on the customers’ lifestyles, how much money they can give for their delivery services, how fast they need the products to be shipped, etc. You can also request customer recommendations or responses to enhance your services and offer them better delivery services. This provides an immense shopping experience for your customers and assists in powering up your relationships with the customers.


As many customers are searching for affordable grocery delivery options as per their choices, grocery shop owners or retailers need to give multiple grocery delivery alternatives to increase their sales. Swiggy Instamart is India’s best online grocery delivery service provider, with same-day delivery and pick-up of grocery products. It gives diverse grocery delivery options and ensures the delivery of the products on time to the customers in good condition.