7 Features You Must Look For When Buying A New Laptop


To some people, it’s always a tasking endeavor to get a laptop that offers great value in return for its money.

Whether you’re a photographer, a film editor, a writer or just somebody who needs laptops that deliver spectacular computing capabilities, it’s very important that you check out a number of features before reeling out the bucks in your pocket.

Fortunately, this article revolves around some of the features you should consider in any new laptop you wish to buy.  

RAM Size

If you’re always keen to get a laptop that hardly sucks, RAM is one of the essential features you should check out.

In past times, getting a laptop with over 4GB of RAM was very costly but these days, you can have a laptop with 16GB RAM provided you’ve chosen to spend a huge sum.

For running multiple programs at once and without any glitches, a laptop with 8GB of RAM will serve you well.

If you’re a heavy user and would like playing high-intensive games, watching HD movies and running other sorts of powerful tasks, you shouldn’t settle for a laptop with a lower RAM size.

Factually, a laptop with a meager RAM size will greatly slow down while running lots of heavy tasks. You can know how much ram your laptop needs.

Graphics Quality

Frankly, old laptops do not have the capabilities to run high-intensive games.

As a laptop user who wishes to enjoy any of the modern games out there, you really need a laptop with at least the minimum graphics requirements.

Advisably, choose a laptop that packs any of the series 10 Nvidia GTX chips. On the minimum, you can choose GTX 1050 but if you wish to step a lot higher, endeavor to opt for GTX 1080.


For anyone who wants the best computer experience, having one of the best ssd laptops is rapidly becoming the way out.

Perhaps, your old laptop operates with an HDD which offers slow boot-up times and reduced levels of performance.

To get you out of this, the laptop you’re buying must come with an SSD of at least 128GB.


Many new laptops out there offer impressive processing power courtesy of their high-grade CPUs.

These days, Intel Kaby Lake CPUs are seemingly the best for enjoying amazing computing experience. Aside from allowing users to play 4K video, these CPUs ensure battery life is fairly increased.

Display Quality

While some people might not consider the importance of display, you could still get bored when watching videos or playing games on a laptop with a blurred display.

Today, OLED displays constitute the most amazing display types for smartphones and laptops. And if you crave for this kind of display, some of the laptops you should try opting for are ThinkPad X1 Yoga and the Alienware 13.

High Screen Resolution

A laptop with a reasonable screen resolution (such as 1920 x 1080) is likely worth its money as you wouldn’t have to worry about watching videos and viewing your works just the way you wish.

The Full-HD screens offered by various laptops, including Acer Aspire 15, are top-notch as they incorporate much convenience into your viewing experience.


There are many different kinds of keyboards available in laptops these days in the market. You may want to have a laptop with backlit keyboard if you do a lot of typing on your computer. 

USB Type

As far as connectivity is concerned, Thunderbolt 3 and USB Type-C have become the most impressive options.

Nothing beats the pleasure of having a versatile (USB) connector that connects you easily to other devices and supplies electricity to your phones.

If you’re on the high end, opting for a laptop with Thunderbolt 3 ports is advisable but if you can’t afford to spend much, endeavor to at least settle for USB Type-C.  

laptopImage Credits: laptop from Jacob Lund/Shutterstock