7 Email Marketing Tips For Better Results

Email Marketing

A few years ago, email marketing was the most outstanding digital marketing method for new and emerging media. It was widely accepted, adopted and used across many fields. It became part and parcel of the marketer’s basic requirements.

Several years later, email marketing is still touted as a leading marketing tool. However, unlike yesteryears, email marketing today is challenged by more precise and prompt methods such s as social media marketing In spite of this metamorphosis, email marketing is still preferred as an authoritative tool. How can a marketer use email market to reach an audience that will gain interest and probably turn into customers? Here are tips on how to get better results from your email marketing campaigns.

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Know You Audience and Send Them Personalized Messages

Even in conventional marketing, fostering familiarity makes it easy to start a conversation. Similarly, your audience in email marketing campaigns will be enticed if and when you address them with familiarity. You have to make every effort to sound familiar to the people you seek to address.

Do not generalize messages with a simple Hello, rather, let the greetings sound familiar. “Hello, Tom,” is far much better than just “Hello.”

Personalization goes further to find out the interests of your audience. This is the only way you will be in a position to send them relevant messages. Facebook is a good example of how personalization should work. Based on its own algorithms, Facebook is able to suggest friends, events, and activities that might be of interest to you. For successful email campaigns, endeavor to know as much as you can from about your target audience.


Create a schedule and stick to it. Digital media thrives on repetitive patterns that create memories in the mind of the audience. In addition, consistency creates a reliable channel of interaction where information is exchanged between parties.

The frequency of your emails will be determined by a number of things such as the nature of products, the industry, your budget and so on. Your message should also be tailored to fit the season or time of the year. For instance, promotional emails for a gifts store might be more frequent in the festive season, same as travel and leisure services.

EMAIL FORMATTING: Subject Line, Body, Lengthy and Style

If your email marketing campaigns have to yield any formidable results, you’ll have to employ some a good measure of creativity.

Recent research indicates that 68% of the audience will open an email depending on the subject line. This is the point at which you hook up your reader and arouse their interest to open and read through the entire email.

Remember to do this in a font and font size that is easily legible. The entire flow of your email including paragraphing is also a factor that will determine whether your audience remains with you. Postcards email builder can be a helpful tool for your formatting needs.

Build Your Emailing List Continuously

Email marketing thrives primarily because you have an email list. Nonetheless, it is never enough to be content with an old list that is not updated. Even amongst your lengthy list, there are several dormant and nonresponsive subscribers. As part of growing your list, you will need to periodically remove some unresponsive subscribers and bring on board new ones.

Importantly, ensure that your message is sent out to the right individuals and packaged in the appropriate way. In building your email list segment your audience into appropriate groups. If you are starting from scratch, you can acquire third-party lists to give you an initial boost. For example, you could buy voter data if you’re running a political campaign.

Marketing Take Aways / Call to Action

Now that you have a formidable email list and marketing strategy, what action do you want them to take after reading your email? What is the next cause of action?

Your email marketing campaigns will only be considered successful if your readers convert to clients and you continuously engage with them through back and forth communication. In this regard, your emails must have some give away incentives to allow a thread of communication. You may ask them to subscribe to your service, visit or call your physical address, check out your social media pages and so on. The focus here should be ensuring that you leave them with a way that fosters further communication.

Enhance accessibility through Mobile Phones.

Our lives today are significantly dependent and linked to our mobile phones. They have become our primary gadgets of communication and, in most cases, the first points of information consumption.

For email marketers looking at gaining great results, it is important that you enhance your email campaigns for mobile accessibility. For instance, where and when you use images and videos, compress the resolution to make for mobile phones to access.

It is estimated that up to 70% of consumers today access information first on their phones. This tells you just how much you would be losing if you ignore this aspect of email marketing

Social Media Linkage

Social media has turned information consumption upside down. Owing to its passive nature and ability to keep information brief and précises, social media has become an integral part of marketing.

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In consideration of this, integrating your social media pages with your email marketing campaigns is bound to yield positive results. In fact, there is a direct interrelationship between these two. It is easy because all you need to do is ensure that visitors to your social media pages can subscribe for your continuous email. Similarly, as you send your emails, insert links to your social media pages. However, you must show them the value of linking with you on social media pages. Show them that they are missing out by failing to connect with you on social media.


Email marketing is among the tools that opened the avenue to modern digital marketing. As the digital space grows, its importance as a traditional tool remains unchallenged. It is still considered a more mature way, more believable and easier to filter genuine players from scammers.

There is therefore so much to gain from email marketing, particularly when done properly. The tips outlined here serve as a good guide to some of the things you can do to make your email marketing campaigns more fruitful.

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