7 Challenges HR Managers and Executives Need to Tackle in 2019

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Human resource management has a lot of different facets and the challenges and complexities are ever growing. An HR manager needs to oversee regulatory practices, performance management, training, job role assignment, employee benefit plans, and other HR tasks on a daily basis. Whilst performing their everyday duties HR departments in most companies need to understand the newer challenges and find practical solutions.

These 7 HR challenges that companies need to plan for in 2019.

Being Up To Code with Regulations and Laws

Companies need to ensure they are adhering to state and federal laws related to employment. Considering there are hundreds of different governmental bodies and a long list of ever-changing regulations, this is a challenge, to say the least. Most HR departments hire independent consultant firms to exclusively mitigate compliance issues. Visit here to find a regulatory compliance specialist for your business.

Retaining Their Talent Base

There is no denying that America is facing a talent shortage. This is why companies based in the US often look overseas to find qualified employees to meet the shortage. Considering the deficit of talented employees, itís critical that companies invest in wellness packages and employee benefits schemes to retain their talentpool.

Creating Wellness Packages that Improve Workforce Morale

5 Years ago, a wellness package that covered dental and health checkups costs was probably good enough. However, things have changed since then. Employees want newer benefits such as health club access, commuter benefits, flexible work hours, and more. The challenge for HR executives is to reevaluate their benefits package and bring it up to speed.

Finding New Talent

The unemployment rate is dropping, which directly influences the number of people looking for jobs. Companies are forced to offer higher salaries and benefit packages to attract talented employees.†One of the solutions to the problem is going through multiple staffing agencies and always have people on the bench to replenish lost talents, and even try HR Software.

Drawing a Consistent System to Deal with Harassment at Every Level

Workplace harassment can lead to talent loss and lawsuits. HR departments need to draw out protocols to deal with issues of harassment at every level, starting from entry level workers to the board of directors. Harassment cases need to be easy to report and should be followed by an unbiased investigation. Employees also need to be educated at regular intervals about workplace harassment and the possible implications.

Adopting Technologies for Training and Development

HR departments need to adopt interactive learning technologies as they drastically reduce the manpower requirement and resources required for setting up training rooms in different locations. Technology-enabled training programs also help companies to provide a consistent training environment and an honest evaluating platform for all employees. One of the HR challenges is to find technologies and develop online courses that are in line with specific training goals.

Drawing Strategies for Managing AI Systems and Bots

One of the new age problems HR departments need to figure out is who is going to manage the AI workforce. Companies are increasingly becoming more reliant on AI and BOT, especially in their production facilities. HR departments need to closely work with IT departments to figure out their new job roles in terms of managing artificial systems.