7 Best TutuApp Store Alternatives

Tutuapp (tutuapp-apk.org) is an app that is gaining popularity for many reasons. First of all, is a convenient way to download apps and it can be faster than Apple Store since you do not need to login. Besides that, TutuApp will offer you free paid apps. Yes, you heard it right: this app store gives you for free apps that would normally require payment. It also has many popular apps that are not available in the official app stores.  And above all, this app does not require jailbreaking. You can get countless applications without the risk of harming your device with jailbreak.

Since this app is so popular, we gathered other similar applications, in order to offer you some alternatives. These apps are available for iOS and Android devices.

Mobogenie Market

This app store has a huge gallery of apps and it is one of the best options out there. If you are looking to something that resembles TutuApp, this is what you need. The app has a clean look and it easy to use. It is also available for both iOS and Android devices.

The Amazon App Store

The Amazon company also offers some side apps that are not that well-known. The Amazon App Store can be a good alternative, but it doesn’t come for free, and this can be a major drawback. However, the app has a highly organized display and it is be simple to find what you need.

The Opera Mobile Store

Opera comes with its own app store and it proves to be quite efficient. The Opera Mobile Store has many apps and you can find and download them quickly. It is available for both Android and iOS and it allows you to install foreign apps in your native language.


This is a trustworthy app that has been around for a while. This app offers a different function: you can use it to access Play Stores of other countries and download their apps. GetJar is the best app of this kind and it also works for older versions of Android.


This particular apps works better for Android users. It offers a huge collection of free and payable apps and it comes with a great interface and a wide database. The apps are organized by categories and it also has a search bar to help you find your favorite apps.


This app store provides numerous paid apps for free but it has one disadvantage: the app is in Chinese and there is no way to change it to English. However, you can find the apps by using their English name and you can set them to your native language after you install them.

APK Mirror

This may be the best alternative to TutuApp. It is very popular because it has a lot of free apps and you do not pay for anything. It also has an website, but it is probably better to download the app for your Android or iOS device.

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