7 Best Ecommerce Marketing Tips to Increase Sales

Ecommerce Marketing

Ecommerce marketing is the application of advertisement tactics to bring traffic to an online store. This traffic is then converted into revenue when the customers pay for the products they like. eCommerce websites further attempt to retain these customers for future sales.

All eCommerce websites want to achieve a common goal- increased sales. Companies have come up with many different strategies to increase traffic so that it, in turn, increases sales.

With cutthroat competition in the eCommerce industry, it can be exhausting to pick the right marketing tactics. Weíve curated a list of 7 useful marketing tactics that will help you increase sales from your website.

1. Do it for the Gram- Work on Your Instagram Aesthetic!

Over 2 million marketers use Instagram to advertise their products. It is not a social application anymore, itís become a full-fledged promotion platform for eCommerce websites.

It has played a vital role in connecting influencers, brands, and customers on a global platform. The smartest tricks in the book are to make your product images look aesthetic and curate the right hashtags to go with it.

You need to engage with your followers! You can have contests, polls, or even Live Videos. You must consider adding your product images to your stories regularly. This is a guaranteed way of driving traffic to your page.

2. Set up a Facebook store

Adroll says that adding a CTA to your Facebook advertisement boosts click-through rate by 2.85 times.  Facebook has been updated numerous times over the years, but it is still a useful platform for eCommerce marketing. It is known to boost your sales because of its large user base.

Itís quite simple to increase sales through a Facebook store. You can even integrate your Shopify Store with your Facebook page so you wonít need two separate inventories. The key is to advertise regularly and advertise everywhere.

3. Set up an efficient email campaign

If youíre in the practice of sending boring textual emails to your clients. We advise you to STOP. You need to CREATE, and by that, we donít mean a lot of art and gifs. You need to set up a crisp and engaging email campaign for your eCommerce marketing strategy.

You need to take initiatives like sending welcome emails to new customers, regular promo codes to loyal customers, and integrate a feedback questionnaire. These are things that will make your customers want to read your email and not send it to spam or trash.

4. Feature a Live Chat on your Website

Engagement is the key to driving traffic and boosting sales. One of the new and appreciated ways of engaging with your website visitors is through a live chat. The Live Chat is usually a small chat box that pops up when a person visits a web page.

You can use the Live Chat feature to talk to your customers and answer their queries on the spot. This will allow more customers to make a purchase instantly.

This is because most people end up abandoning carts due to basic doubts regarding a size chart or a color. Most eCommerce websites feature a chatbox.

5. Highlight Your Premium Products

Selling Premium products by promoting their features is a smart marketing tactic. You can add products that highlight unique characteristics like handmade, organic, lightning-fast speed, etc.

Highlighted features get to customers faster and make them consider your products compared to others. However, you must ensure that the product meets all of the clientís original requirements. Your eCommerce website must include key features for all your products.

6. Go Mobile!

There is not a single internet user that chooses web browsers over mobile applications. With a world obsessed with speed, that is a given. If you want a boost in your sales, you must try and develop a mobile app for your eCommerce store.

You must make sure that the app is compatible with both iOS and Android so you can target more people. Additionally, you must ensure regular bug fixes on the app to maintain its efficiency.

7. Reward to Retain!

One of the most common ways to increase eCommerce sales is to retain your loyal customers. However, this is not always easy. You need to constantly remind your customers that you care about them.

The best way to retain customers is through a loyalty program. You could do this through points, web cash, or even regular promo codes and gift vouchers. This way, your loyal customers buy your products again and even make referrals for you if they really like you.

Summing Up

Ecommerce is becoming more prevalent each day, especially with the changing circumstances in today’s world. It is time for you to take this golden opportunity to increase your online sales.

Integrate time saving and smart marketing tactics into your campaign to get increased traffic and sales. More than anything, remember to engage, reward, retain, and advertise!