6 Websites to Download Amazing Free PowerPoint Templates?


In todays world, presentations are an integral part of every field of work. It doesnt matter if you are a student, teacher, employee, manager, or even a CEO; good presentations can help you grow in your field.

In a presentation, the visuals are as important as the content. Hence, the impression of the first slide creates a major impact in the minds of your audience. Hence, we all spend much of our precious time trying to design the perfect slides. Rather, it is much wiser to opt for ready-to-use templates that are designed by professionals and would reduce much of our burden. Such templates help increase efficiency and productivity and get the tasks done in no time.

Here are the top six websites that offer free PowerPoint templates that you can use in your next presentation and notch up your game!

1.       SlidesCarnival

Slides Carnival offers various gripping templates for PowerPoint presentations. These templates are suitable for formal or professional presentations with minimal text and images. They have various themes such as technology, social media, biography, etc., which can be used by users for different uses. You can also browse through different design genres available on the website, such as elegant, creative, playful, simple, etc.

The templates are free of cost and offer unlimited downloads with no registration costs.

2.       SketchBubble

SketchBubble offers a diverse range of templates suitable for every profession, be it entrepreneurs, researchers, analysts, students, etc. One of the most interesting features is that each template can be completely customized by the user. All the templates are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides.

SketchBubble offers numerous free templates. They also offer paid subscriptions that can be taken monthly, quarterly, and annually.

 3.       SlidesGo

This website allows you to download free and captivating templates from a wide range of topics such as education, medical, business, marketing, culture, research, etc. Their specialization lies in their colorful, vibrant, and eye-catching slides that can be used for multiple purposes. The templates are visually appealing and instantly capture ones attention.

SlidesGo offers limited free templates. You can also purchase their premium plan to download unlimited templates annually.

4.       Showeet

This website offers templates with vivid colors, bright designs, and intriguing visuals. If you are looking for playful designs, this is the place for you!

The most intriguing feature is that one can download any template without signing up or registering on the website. These templates range from resumes, CVs, school-related content, etc.

Even though the website does not have templates divided into categories, you can still find them by looking for keywords in the search bar.

All templates are free of cost and require no registration fee.

5.       24Slides

24Slides provides various types of templates to choose from. These are designed for formal use. You will get templates related to roadmaps, timelines, dashboard, agenda, etc. However, the number of categories is comparatively less than on other websites.

These templates are free of cost and can be downloaded by any user after signing up.

6.       PresentationMagazine

This is an apt platform for users who wish to acquire templates that are a combination of formal and informal elements. With various categories such as celebration, business, nature, birthday, etc., PresentationMagazine offers free templates to its users.

You can also find a great range of animated icons that can also be downloaded without any sign-up or registration fee.

Conclusion Designing presentations can be tricky, and it is a much better option to choose templates that can be molded as per your requirements. Such templates also enable the audience to understand your content in a much better manner.