6 Tricks to Find anyone on Social media

Find anyone on social media

Whenever the word stalking or tracking arises inside the mind, most of you think about social media platforms in the first place. And why not! Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the ultimate way of staying in touch with acquaintances. However, some people can now here to be found among the large crowd of accounts. But you can rest all your worries as there are some excellent tricks to find your long lost friend within the millions of friends, posts, and tweets! Want to know about it? Then, make sure to read till the end.

Search by name on Facebook

Well, to accomplish the finding mission, start from the basics. Facebook is the most accessible platform to find someone. Over 80% of the population is active on Facebook. So, the finding game will be much more convenient. When you will log-in to the media, you will come across a search bar. You have to tap on the bar and write the full name of the person you are willing to know about. Within seconds, Facebook will keep suggesting different profiles.

Look the person in the mutual friend list

What if you know the original name and photo of the person, but he/she has an account with a different name? In that case, finding through the search bar cannot do any favor to you. However, it does not mean that you can’t track him/her down. There is always hope, and in this context, the promise will be that mutual friends you both have in common. Please go through the mutual friend’s profile and see his/her friend list and the accounts that like or comment on that friend’s post.

Lookup by phone number

Yet, in another way, you can search up someone on Facebook through reverse phone number lookup. If you only have someone’s number want to find out the person, use it. Instead of typing the name, enter the number in the search bar. If the number is issued in any account, you will get to know about it. 

Search by the web address

Not just Facebook, other social networking sites will equally be helpful in this matter. The best technique of navigating someone is writing up the name of an individual at the end of each social networking site. For instance, if you are looking for someone named Alexandra, you keep on searching by https://SiteName.com/Alexandra

Use Google

Even Google can be in your favor and help find some interesting details about any person. Just click o the search bar and write points like username, including location and other potential data, and filter the outcomes. You can even proceed with the images.google.com and put a person’s name. If the person has any data associated with public job profiles, blogs, social media, you can acquire it. 

Try out the fantastic people-finder sites

If all those mentioned above fail to provide you with productive results, then opt for the ultimate solution. Over the years, there is not a single person left on the earth who is unaware of the free people search tools. True free people finder sites like Publicreports.com can alone do the job of fetching authentic details about someone. It just needs two basic info- full name and location. The people-finder platforms deliver you information regarding criminal records, property possessions, etc.  

Hopefully, these six tricks will help you find the one you are looking for long.