6 Tips on How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube


Youtube can provide an excellent opportunity to grow a business, promote a brand, or showcase original content. One key to any successful Youtube channel is having many YouTube subscribers. Ultimately, the quality of content a channel has is going to be the number one factor in determining how many people will subscribe to the channel, but there are strategies that a channel with great content can implement to maximize the number of subscribers the channel will receive. This article will go over some of these strategies.

1) Add a Branding Watermark to Your Videos

A branding watermark is the low hanging fruit for getting more people to subscribe to your Youtube channel. A branding watermark is a feature that Youtube offers that allows creators to place an image inside their videos that when clicked on allows users to subscribe to the channel from the video itself. While you could conceivably use any image you want as the watermark, the simplest and most effective image is one that looks like the Youtube “subscribe” button.

2) Reply to Every Comment

According to Youtube’s own data, there is a clear link between creators that reply to comments and the number of subscribers a channel has. Replying to comments makes those watching your videos feel like they are being paid attention to (because they are) and more interaction means more subscribers.

3) Write an Excellent Channel Description

A great channel description is another proven way to pick up more subscribers to your channel. A good channel description will include the following:

  • What the channel is about
  • Some information about the content creator and why they are an authority on the subject they are discussing
  • Important information about the channel (how often videos are uploaded, when they are uploaded, etc.)
  • Asks for those reading the description to describe

4) Create an Upload Schedule and Upload Frequently

If a viewer sees that a channel only posts a video every couple of months, the likelihood of them choosing to subscribe is small. On the other hand, if a viewer knows they can expect high-quality content often and has a good idea of when the videos will be uploaded, the chances that he or she will hit the subscribe button increases dramatically.

5) Create Video Titles That are Searchable

If you want people to subscribe to your channel, first they have to find it. That is why creating video titles that are searchable is key. To do this, make sure that your video’s title includes the keywords that users are going to use to search for the subject your video is about.

6) Ask Your Viewers to Subscribe

Asking viewers to subscribe to your channel is easily the simplest thing that you can do to get more subscribers to your Youtube channel. Watch any popular Youtube content creator and you will very likely see them ask viewers to subscribe to their channel at both the beginning of their video and again when they are signing off. Just ask. It really is that simple.