6 Smartphone App Development Trends Weíll See in 2018

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In the next year, youíre going to see a few big smartphone app development trends. Should you even care if youíre not a developer? Iíll wait a few seconds while you look at your phone. Count how many apps you currently use at this moment in time.

These trends are going to affect you, so you should be looking forward to them. Smartphones are going to move one step closer to taking over the world. Letís take a look at some of the things weíre all expecting to grow in the next 12 months.

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages

In some countries, internet speeds arenít great. Even big places like Australia are changing the way they connect and releasing NBN plans. If your internet is slow you canít enjoy lots of fantastic apps.

Google recently released accelerated mobile pages, which will essentially speed up the loading time of every page on the web. Youíll no longer feel frustrated every time you open the Safari app on your phone.

2. Internet of Things

If you know what the Internet of Things is youíll realize itís going to keep growing and growing. It wonít be long before everything in your home will be connected. Youíll need to have space for a lot more apps.

This year youíll be able to use your phone to perform things that will blow you away. Iím sure the apps for particular gadgets will be wonderful too. The only downside is the fact youíll become much lazier.

3. Security Features

Does your whole world revolve around your phone? Once you find yourself in that situation youíve got to worry, itís a bit risky on your part. Itís not enough for app developers to hope phones are impenetrable.

Apps have more chance of being successful if their own security features are taken to the next level. Itís because users will trust them a lot more. You can rest your mind at ease knowing youíll have nothing to worry about.

4. Virtual Reality

Now is the time when virtual reality will become mainstream. Youíll need to start saving money because you will need a headset. Game developers are creating apps you could never have imagined last century.

Itís worth pointing out augmented reality is hitting the big time too. In fact, itís going to reach a lot more people than VR in the beginning. This is simply because itís going to be rolled out in more industries.

5. On-Demand Apps

If you wanted to become rich a while ago you would attempt to build the next Facebook. There was a lack of innovation and developers realized it wasnít going to work. Suddenly, weíve shifted towards on-demand apps.

There still isnít a lot of innovation involved, but fortunately theyíre more likely to succeed. Uber is leading the charge as of right now. It wonít be long until all your meals are delivered to your front door.

6. Mobile Payments

Paper money looks like itís going to be overtaken by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. You can see the same thing happening with credit cards. Theyíre going to be slowly phased out because of advancements in mobile payments.

There will be more ways to pay for things using your phone and it will become easier. Weíll see a massive push happening pretty soon. Now you wonít need to remember your wallet every time you leave your home.

Maybe Weíre Progressing Too Fast

You probably knew a lot of these would become big eventually, but not as soon as this year. Even though theyíre trending weíll still have to wait to see what transpires. Keep an eye on them because itís going to be exciting.