6 Rummy Variants and Their Excitement


Online rummy is the current face of entertainment. Gone are the days when you played just one variant with the same group with absolutely no excitement in the game or its challenges. Today, the virtual format of the game is everything but boring – it is exciting, challenging and infinitely interesting. The different variants of rummy have definitely spiced up the games adding a zing to it.

Check out the different variants of rummy that you could enjoy for fun and for challenges too.

For challenges unlimited†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

If challenges are your type then rummy has more to offer than you could imagine.

  1. 13 card rummy: Popularly known as the Indian rummy, this is an all-time favorite and the most commonly played variant of rummy in the country. Indian rummy always features in the entertainment list at occasions. The challenging task of melding 13 numbers of cards into valid sets and sequences gives enough workouts to your brain cells.

Apart from that, you could also enjoy playing the other variant of 13 card rummy such as

  1. Points Rummy
  2. Pool rummy
  3. Deals rummy


  1. 21 card rummy: If you long for bigger and better challenges, then youíll surely find answers in 21 card rummy. Played with 3 decks of cards between 2 to 6 players, the objective of the game is to meld into valid sets and sequences. While the rules of winning and the use of joker differ from 13 card rummy, it is an interesting variant of rummy.


  1. 10 card rummy: Considered to be a shortened format of 13 card rummy, it is played with 2 to 6 players using one or two decks of cards including jokers. Each player is dealt 10 cards and has to meld valid sets and sequences. The fast pace of the game gives you never-before kind of an adrenaline rush.

For rewards unlimited

If thatís not all you would enjoy the fabulous rewards and prizes while you play the different variants.

  1. Free cash games: Free games are those which are free to join the tables as you do not have to pay any entry fees. However, there are interesting freeroll games happening where although you know how to play rummy and can play for free but you win real cash prizes as rewards! Such games run round the clock – every hour, every day and every week too.


  1. Cash games: Every rummy player who has achieved a decent level of expertise in the game would always want to play rummy cash games. The attractive prizes and promos make playing these games very interesting. You could join innumerable tables with varying entry fee depending upon your cash bandwidth. The prizes amounts are great motivators.


  1. Rummy tournaments: Considered to be the games for the expert players, it consists of several qualifying rounds before you make it to the final list of players. An ultimate in terms of challenges, it is also equally compensating in terms of rewards. The prize amount is huge and absolutely fantastic to battle it out with the best players.

Itís a wrap!

Online rummy has more to offer you both in terms of challenges and rewards. Play wise and win fabulously.