6 reasons why you should use Tikki VoIP mobile app

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Mobile Voice over Internet Protocol is becoming popular every day as more people embrace this cutting-edge and affordable mode of communication. You can connect with people all over the world with a VoIP Mobile Dialer application, wireless internet connection, and a Smartphone. If you want to enjoy the benefits of mobile VoIP, you can use the Tikki app. Here are reasons why you should use Tikki VoIP mobile app.

Enjoy free calls

When you install the Tikki app from PlayStore, you will enjoy free calls to any part of the world. Whether you are calling for pleasure, business, or you just want to keep in touch with loved ones, Tikki has you covered. The good thing is that you will talk to anyone you wish to, for as long as you wish to, without paying a dime.

Works on any device

Tikki works seamlessly on any device. This means that you can talk to your employees, friends, or loved ones from a PC, smartphone, iPad, or any other device they wish to use. As long as you have wifi connectivity or data, then you are good to go. Enjoy those free and affordable international calls.


With most VoIP products, location has always been an issue. This means that users have to stick to their desktops or other systems in order to communicate. This can result in issues of missed calls and presence. With Tikki mobile app, you will access seamless communication. This means that you can communicate efficiently with anyone from anywhere in the world.

Enjoy advanced features

With mobile voip service providers for international calls, you can get access to many advanced features that are not available with traditional cellular phone services. You can easily forward all your unattended calls to another phone number with the easy call forwarding feature. You can also access and control voicemail accounts with ease using the internet. Tikki also supports different mobile dialer applications allowing you to choose your preferred VoIP service provider and dialer software, without the need to change your number.

Enhanced portability

Customary cellular networks tend to have restricted coverage area. As a result, when you want to make calls outside their coverage area, you will be charged more money. However, with Tikki VoIP mobile app, all you need is just a wireless internet connectivity to receive and make calls. You can use the unlimited texting and calling features. With Tikki, your communication portability will improve significantly and you can stay connected to the world irrespective of where you are.

Saves a lot of cash

Everyone can attest to the fact that traditional mobile phone services are extremely expensive. You have to pay hefty costs for international calls and international roaming. In contrast to this, Tikki is quite pocket-friendly. You will not have to pay the service provider for using roaming services, and the international call rates are significantly lower than traditional cellular rates. This means that whenever you are in a foreign country, you can talk to your family and friends for hours without worrying about the extremely high calling rates.

Tikki VoIP mobile app offers a lot of benefits to consumers and business owners. If the user feels that this app consumes their data and bandwidth, they can use Wi-Fi connectivity which is easily available today. With mobile data plans getting cheaper and data becoming faster, the mobile VoIP technology can be put to maximum use by all iPhone and smartphone users.