6 reasons to study computer science

computer science

Computer science is a diverse, important and fascinating industry. Here’s why you should consider it as a future career path

The future is bright for the computer science industry, as it continues to grow in strength and numbers in our digital age. It used to be that computer science was a niche industry, stereotyped as a group of quirky and unusual people often sadly stigmatised as lacking social skills. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. Computer science is a bright, diverse and exciting field that is helping to shape the modern world. And those who study it are appreciated for their skill and expertise.

If you’re considering becoming part of that industry, but need a little more convincing, read on to see why becoming a computer scientist is the career path for you.

The world needs computer scientists

As we said before, this is the digital age, where computer programmes infiltrate almost every aspect of modern life. As a computer scientist, you will theorise, design, develop and apply the hardware and software people use every day, becoming part of the lives of millions. We are living through the digital revolution, where what sounds like science fiction one day becomes reality the next. If you want to be part of making the miraculous happen, computer science is the career for you.

Excellent graduate prospects

Compared to most other degree subjects, computer science graduates have a very good chance of being employed straight out of education, or in further study, within six months of leaving university. This is because computer science is one of those industries that will always be in demand, and is only becoming more so as technology changes and adapts to different needs and challenges.

The possibility of serious money

Because computer scientists are so in demand, the average starting salary is correspondingly high, particularly compared to that of graduates from other subjects. The average starting salary for a professionally employed UK computer science graduate is just under 26,000, according to the Complete University Guide. Quite impressive for a first job.

Jobs in any type of industry

Not only are computer scientists easily employed, with healthy salaries, but they have their choice of industries to work in. The nature of the work means that every professional industry will be in need of their services at some point. Many of the problems that occur in health care, economics, engineering, architecture and science can be solved using computers. It is the computer scientist’s job to determine how that might be, and design and apply the right software for the right problem. Few other jobs provide such diverse possibilities.

An international cohort

The language of computers is an international one, and as such computer science courses typically have one of the most diverse cohorts, with around 20,000 computer science students coming from overseas. This can benefit you in a number of ways. Firstly, you’ll make friends with people from many different backgrounds, broadening your horizons by learning about different cultures, religions and points of view. Secondly, you’ll potentially end your studies with a long list of international contacts, who you could call upon later in life, and which potential employers are sure to make note of.

Learn more by enrolling in summer school

If you’re still unsure whether computer science is the right path for you, consider spending a few months getting a taste of it at summer school. While all schools teach some form of IT, few will go into the particulars of what computer science involves. Summer school is totally unlike traditional school in this regard. You’ll be able to study computer science in great depth, at university level, to see whether it’s something you want to dedicate your future to.

Programmes like Immerse Education summer school in Cambridge are taught by world-renowned tutors, who will show you everything computer science is capable of, in the inspiring surroundings of the summer school, Cambridge University. Such a course is bound to tempt you into a career in computer science.

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