6 Reasons To Invest In A Tubular Battery For Your Inverter Today


In the peak summer season, tropical countries like India witness extremely high temperatures. Due to the rise in temperature, there is a huge increase in the number of power cuts. And the only solution to power cuts is to get an uninterrupted power supply system for your home, such as an inverter. 

However, having an individual inverter will not ensure a reliable electricity supply during a power outage. This is because an inverter’s only function is to turn the stored electricity into the power people use for their homes. It has no internal storage unit for the electric current, which is later converted into power. 

To fulfil the purpose of storing energy that can later be converted, you will require a battery.

Inverter batteries are divided into two types: Flat plat batteries and Tubular batteries. 

Which Battery Is Best For You? 

There are many kinds of batteries available in the market. One of the best batteries that are suitable for most households is a tubular battery. The tubular battery is used for a longer duration but ensures less frequent power cuts. These batteries are lead-acid batteries that are extremely durable and require little to no maintenance in the long run. However, these batteries are bigger in size, which makes their price slightly higher. 

As the price of a tubular battery is higher than that of a flat plate battery, the latter is frequently favoured by budget buyers. However, this is not always the best option. Here are a few reasons why investing in tubular batteries is worthwhile. 

Why Invest In A Tubular Battery?

  1. Compatibility 

Inverters are not just classified based on their capacity. Due to technological advancements, inverters also differ in their battery capacity and where their energy comes from and is stored. 

Tubular batteries are compatible with mostly all inverters. So whether it is a normal inverter that is electrically powered or a solar energy inverter, a tubular battery can be used to provide power to the inverter in both cases. 

2. Long Life 

Even though the tubular battery price runs slightly higher, it is believed that with a high price comes high durability and a long lifespan for the battery. Tubular batteries are pretty long-lasting and can provide power for up to 5 years if charged and maintained properly. 

In comparison to a tubular battery, flat plate batteries provide power for about 2-3 additional years but require a lot of maintenance to reach the three-year mark. This is why a tubular battery is suitable for your inverter. 

3. Need Fewer Top-Ups

All batteries need to be topped up with distilled water from time to time, no matter the battery type. But when it comes to a tubular battery, the need for top-ups is significantly less

4. Power All Appliances

A tubular battery is a reliable battery that can run consistently. Even during high temperatures, a tubular battery provides an even amount of electric charge to the inverter, making them more reliable than flat plate batteries. 

5. Fast Charging

A Flat Plate battery is designed in such a way that it can be charged much faster than a tubular battery. Tubular batteries can  retain their charge for a longer time than any other battery type. The charging rate of a battery is influenced by the capacity, structure and technology of the battery. 

6. Less Maintenance

A tubular battery is much easier to maintain than Flate Plate battery type. These require low maintenance as the external form of the charged plate in the battery allows the electrolytes to move freely, eliminating any risk of stratification. This allows the battery to be extremely durable and long-lasting. 

It is evident that a tubular battery is a worthwhile investment as it has innumerable benefits. Investing in a tubular battery can give you a reliable power backup system without any hassle or stress. Make sure to shop from reliable and trusted brands like Luminous to get the highest quality batteries and other electric equipment. Check out their website for more information and products!