6 Plugins To Enhance Your Wikipedia Experience  

Google indeed is one great tool to help you look for information on any topic. If you think web offers no other option besides Google to help you improve your knowledge then think again. Well, here I’m talking about Wikipedia which is the great source of information on web.

Wikipedia, the key sources of information I’m sure tech savvy people out there are well introduced to helps users with information on almost any relevant topic. From research work to enhancing one’s knowledge on any topic, Wikipedia works as a great tool.

Choices differ as people do! Y’all have to agree with me on this! Each one of you out there surely have different choice of browser too. Well, whichever browser you use, the web will never leave you regretting for the particular choice. In my post, I have come up with six cool plugins that promise to help you use Wikipedia the easiest way possible and improve your knowledge. Check them out after a jump!

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Wiki-It :

Wiki-It is an Safari 5 extension for Wikipedia that helps you quickly search something without having to move from your current window or tab. You simply need to right click and get information on the selected text on Wikipedia through a contextual menu.


Wikipedia Visual Search :

Wikipedia Visual Search is the plugin for the IE users. The users can add Wikipedia to the search engines and enter the term in the space provided. On pressing enter the users will be directed to the Wikipedia page and if the users don’t press enter the list of suggested pages from Wikipedia, with thumbnails will appear.


Googlepedia :

Googlepedia extension was initially built for Mozilla Firefox and other browsers like Google Chrome adapted it to let the users find the Wikipedia articles along with the search results. After the users have installed the Googlepedia plugin, they can check the relevant Wikipedia article along with the Google search results. Besides this, users can expand, shrink and disable the plugin easily using simple inbuilt buttons.


WikiLook :

WikiLook is the Wikipedia and Wiktionary look up for Mozilla Firefox. It’s a speedier, lighter and open source tool that defines words for you without asking you to open up the new tabs or windows.


Wikipedia Companion :

Wikipedia Companion (Mini Wiki) plugin is built to make it easier for Chrome users to look for meaning and more information. The users can easily access to search and browse articles on Wikipedia from the extensions menu.


QuickWiki :

QuickWiki is the plugin for Mozilla Firefox. It’s a look-up tool that lets you search for the meaning of a word in Wiktionary and information on in Wikipedia. Wiktionary is a multilingual and Wikipedia is the free content encyclopedia and now a de facto information resource.


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