6 Must-Have Features in an Option Trading App

Option Trading

Options trading has become quite popular among traders to invest indirectly in an underlying asset and reap the benefits of price movements. This is a trend, especially as nowadays trading has become easier with mobile apps providing convenience and speed.

However, with so many trading platforms available online and the trading apps they provide, it can be a task to choose the perfect match to start your options trading journey.

If you are riding on the same tide, this article is for you. Here are 6 features that you must look out for in an option trading app before making your decisions. Without any further delay, letís see what these features are.

6 Features of an Option Trading App

1. Options Screener

An options trading app’s first and foremost feature should be the options screener. It helps traders evaluate the options and develop an idea about which option contract to trade.

A screener depicting the volatility and charts about the options must be available in the option trading app. This ensures reliability for the traders.

2. Real-time Data Streaming and Quick Analysis

Option chains are required to be tracked with real-time data analysis. Therefore, there must be an option for live data streaming and updates. Having this feature ensures that traders have all the required information about how their trades are performing and the direction they will take in online option trading.

Additionally, the option for quick analysis should also be available on the trading app you are choosing.

3. Pre-Built Options Strategies

An options trading must have the feature of pre-built strategies to help traders know which strategies they can utilize to make a profit. For example, online trading platforms like Dhan provide the feature of amazing pre-built options training strategies that make the job of options traders easier.

4. Market Outlook

Traders must have easy access to the market outlook. Therefore, an options trading app should have an easy way through which the trader can access changing market outlook and place their trades.

Knowing the market outlook enhances the trading experience and also helps in identifying trading opportunities based on current market conditions.†

5. Probability Analysis

Option trading is subject to high volatility; therefore, traders must know how their trading will perform in the near future. So, in this case, an online option trading app must showcase the analysis that can showcase the probability of how trade will turn.

Probability analysis ensures that the trader has a 360-degree preview of their trades. To help traders amplify their options trading, options apps should provide this feature

6. Options Sensitivity

An option trading app must create a system where traders can get information about the sensitivity of the option prices. It helps traders to understand the value of their options and will also lead to making proper options strategies.

The Bottom Line

Options trading without an easy-to-use app can be a complex process. If you are planning to start your options trading journey, make sure that the platform you are choosing offers an app consisting of all these features. Online trading platform Dhan allows you to start trading options with ease and accuracy with lots of features available on its web platform and mobile application. So, what are you waiting for?