6 Must-Have Apps For The Modern Executive

6 Must-Have Apps For The Modern Executive

Mobile phones have become the main means of communication for top executives. They are as important as finding the right Slip and Fall Vancouver attorney during the rainy season. Executives need a host of Apps for checking and responding to emails online as well as chatting with project managers and employees while on the go. Luckily, developers are responding promptly to that, and they have come up with these apps that many top executives swear by.

360 Security

As a CEO, you can never take the safety of your mobile device lightly. Your phone may have the necessary inbuilt backup features, but it wouldn’t hurt taking advanced measures. 360 Security is not only an anti-theft App, but it also clears junk files to create space for important stuff, is an antivirus, and it improves battery life.


Do you have a document that you would like to convert into PDF before sending? CamScanner allows you to do that when you snap a photo with your smartphone’s camera. You can quickly convert the document to PDF, add a watermark for more security, and even highlight areas of interest before sending it.


If you have huge files to transfer, you know that you will need a medium that can handle the bulk. Hightail is the kind of app that every executive should get especially those who travel a lot and need to stay in touch with the ongoing projects back in the office.

Google Analytics

When you work so hard to optimize your site and follow all the rules set by search engines, you want to ensure that you are reaping the benefits. Nothing analyses numbers and data better than Google Analytics. The app will keep tabs on all activities and show you where you are in terms of growth in real-time.


A busy organization needs a system that works, with clear assignment of duty and clear indications of whether the right steps have been taken. DutyPager makes everyone accountable by keeping a record of everyone’s tasks, tracking measures and reporting on what hasn’t been done yet. A busy leader can keep track of events even when they are miles away.


This app is great at organizing tasks for members of the staff. It records each assignment against each employee, tracks and records progress, and even allows you to attach files from Google Docs or Dropbox. You can even add people to a task without altering anything.

Too Many Apps

These are only a few of the apps making life easier for the modern CEO. The market has thousands of others working similarly.