6 Exclusive Items You Can Buy Using Bitcoins


Do you wish to make purchases with bitcoins?

Well, the good news is that you can go ahead with this decision without a problem. There is no denying the fact that Bitcoin is established at the moment, and many retailers and businesses willingly accept digital currency.

Now, let us discuss a few things that you can buy with the bitcoin.

What You Can Buy With Bitcoin

Buy A Computer

Do you know that you can buy a computer with bitcoin? Yes, it was way back in 2014 when Dell announced that it would accept bitcoins through its online store. It is undoubtedly one of the biggest facilities for users.

You can even purchase Windows apps by making use of bitcoins, and this offer is available for customers based in the US. Microsoft facilitates these customers to add bitcoins to their accounts.

Book Flights Using The Bitcoin

You can even book flights using bitcoins. You can visit the Travel for Coins Site, and use your bitcoin currency to purchase flights. You can also make use of a California-based online travel site known as CheapAir.com when you want to use bitcoins for booking flights.

The site allows you to book multi-city flights, one way or you can also opt for round trips, so this adds up to convenience for bitcoin users.

VPN Services

If you are interested in surfing the web anonymously, then you should get hold of a VPN service. The best part is that some of the VPN services do accept payment in the form of bitcoin.

Purchase Jewelry

Jewelry stores have become advanced in recent years, and many allow you to buy your favorite jewelry with bitcoins. You can buy diamonds, watches and engagement rings. We recently came across Reeds Jewelers, and they allow purchases in the form of digital currency.

Buy Gift Cards

Would you like to buy gift cards with bitcoins? You can visit gyft.com which allows you to choose gift cards from more than two hundred retailers. You can also manage your gift card balance from any device.

You can use these gift cards to buy Starbuck coffee or exclusive packages from your favorite retailers.

Pay Hotel Bill Or College Fee Using Bitcoin

Some hotel chains also accept payment in the form of bitcoin. Admitted to a university? Many colleges and universities accept payments in the form of bitcoin.

The acceptance of bitcoin as a form of payment is adding up to user convenience. Do not miss out on this exclusive opportunity to use bitcoins today to purchase your favorite items. You will not be discontent with this decision, and there is no denying the fact that bitcoins are an accessible alternative.

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