6 Considerations for a Vape-Friendly Trip

Vape-Friendly Trip

Are you someone who loves to vape and is planning a trip? Being a vaper comes with unique travel considerations, but it’s far from impossible. It is essential to consider all aspects of your trip to ensure a memorable and vape-friendly journey. 

Below, we’ve outlined six considerations for a vape-friendly trip to help you plan better and enjoy it more. Read through these considerations and implement them on your next vacation.

1. Travel Appropriately

When traveling with a vape like those from Wakavaping.my, it’s essential to travel appropriately. If flying, you’ll need to travel with the vape in your carry-on, not your checked luggage, due to the battery. 

Also, make sure you have all your equipment (battery, atomizer, and e-liquid, if it applies) safely packed and wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent any chances of leakage, breaking, or damage. 

Take an ample supply of your preferred e-liquid to last the whole trip, but keep in mind the limits to bringing liquids on a plane, and don’t bring more. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

2. Research Laws in Your Destination

Different countries and states have varying laws and regulations concerning vaping. These rules differ from being outright banned in some countries and states to others that have little to no restrictions. Conduct thorough research on the laws and regulations in your destination to avoid getting into trouble when on your trip. 

Pro Tip: Do this research before you book anything to ensure you’re headed somewhere you’ll be allowed to enjoy your vape without too many restrictions.

3. Consider Airbnbs Over Hotels

Opting to stay in an Airbnb instead of a hotel or resort is a great way to create a more friendly vaping environment while on your trip. Airbnbs are often more accommodating to smokers since they often have ample outdoor space, which includes balconies or patios, enabling vapers to enjoy their vapes during their stay.

4. Add Vape-Friendly Spots to Your Itinerary

Another excellent way to enjoy your vape time while on your trip is to add vape-friendly locations to your itinerary. Many cities have vaping-friendly venues, such as clubs or beer gardens, where vapers can use their devices without hassle or restrictions. Adding these destinations to your itinerary ensures you don’t miss out on vaping moments and other fun activities.

5. Opting for the Outdoors

If you love the outdoors, planning your trip to outdoor destinations is the perfect fit for you. With vast outdoor spaces comes additional freedom to vape without any restrictions, thus providing much-needed relaxation and vaping time.

6. When in Doubt, Ask

Lastly, when in doubt, ask. It’s always a good idea to ask for advice from locals or experts who know the area well. They can advise you on vaping-friendly locations and any laws and regulations that must be followed. 

Pro Tip: If you find yourself somewhere you’re not sure you’re allowed to vape, ask an employee politely before you assume it’s allowed. They may be able to direct you to a vape-friendly area or even give you the green light to enjoy it right there!

Wrapping Up

Planning a vape-friendly trip isn’t hard. It just takes some research and preparation. As highlighted, conducting thorough research, opting for Airbnbs, adding vaping-friendly spots and the great outdoors to your itinerary, and asking for help or permission when in doubt are essential considerations on your next trip. 

Follow these considerations, take off on your next trip, and enjoy your vaping moments during your travels!