6 Amazing Gifts for Your Best Friend

Getting a gift for your bestie can sound easy, but if you have ever tried to pick out something to really show your gratitude to them for being such a big part of your life, you know how hard the process is. Buying a present for your best friend is so hard exactly because the person in question is so dear to you.

You know your bestie through and through but for some reason the perfect gift is not coming to you. Is that correct? Well, it is simple, you just cannot pick out something that you think is worthy of them.

It is completely understandable. Your best friend is the person you can always rely on for support when you require it. Your best friend will never disclose your secrets and fears. And, your bestie it the one to share your wins and triumphs.

Nonetheless, do not fret, keep your cool. There are gifts that are worthy of your friends – yes, they are real. In this once in a lifetime situation, when you cannot go to your best friend for advice – we have your back! Below is a list of awesome gifts for your best friend.

Board Games

Quite recently, board games have had a real resurgence. More people than ever are buying tabletop games. Why? The answer is easy: it is a fun and exciting way to spend some quality time with your friends and family.

If your friend has recently shown any interest in board games, then the answer to the gift problem is obvious. Here are some fun games to consider in 2020: Nemesis, Pax Pamir, Root, Bosk, and Claustrophobia 1643.

“Why You’re My Bestie” Fill in The Blanks Journal

Celebrate the special place that your best friend takes up in your heart with this journal. If you have trouble expressing your thoughts and feelings, especially those that make other people understand that you like them, then this journal will show your friend how highly you think of them.

This is an awesome present if your friend is thinking about traveling for extended periods of time. Combined with a photo collage, this book will make your bestie feel loved and appreciated anywhere in the world.

An Exciting Evening (and Maybe a Night Too)

Let us throw you a curveball and suggest that you do not gift a tangible present to your friend. Instead, gift an experience. Think up an activity-filled evening, or even fill up the whole night with fun things to do. And, when the celebration comes, do not forget to take photos!

As as recommended by Forbes, you can visit a new food place, go shoot guns, or attend the latest art performance. You will have to adapt to the preferences of your bestie, which will make your gift all the more wonderful.

Gift Card to a Monthly Goodies Box

According to BBC, if planning is not your suit, then consider the increasingly popular subscription-based club memberships. These are a recent invention that took over the internet. Basically, all of these club memberships are based around one theme, for example, something nerdy and geeky like games and comics.

The members of such a club receive a box filled with theme-related paraphernalia. In this example, people usually get t-shirts, mugs, and other small pieces of memorabilia. There is actually a subscription box that offers nerdy and geeky stuff: it is called LootCrate.

If your friend is interested in science, then look into the Curiosity Box from VSauce. Is your bestie an aspiring sommelier? Get your friend a gift card to a wine subscription club.

With so many subscription boxes, only your imagination is the limit. If you know what your friend likes, then you will have no trouble choosing a plan for your bestie.

Twinkle in Time Star Map

Think that all of the other gifts are not personalized enough? Well, what a solution do we have to offer to you. How about a star map that shows the stars precisely how they were on any specific date and location, as well as a message on it? This should completely fulfill your need for a personalized present.

Of course, this comes with a price. If you will decide in the end to gift a personalized a star map, then you will have to think really hard on choosing the date and location for the star map. The date and place are one thing, but the message has to complement and complete the whole poster.

This is not an easy task, but it is absolutely worth the effort. According to TwinkleInTime, they love that their product can put a smile on people’s faces.

Collapsible Water Bottle

Is your bestie a sports person? Do they exercise a lot? Do they like to go on a lot of walks? Are they constantly on the go? Do they just want to lead an eco-friendly life? In any of these cases, a collapsible water bottle would be a great gift for your best friend.

According to the New York Times, such bottles do not only offer an easy and comfortable way to keep oneself hydrated, but the bottles are one of the great solutions to reducing waste. Also, when the collapsible bottles are collapsed, they so small that they can easily fit in your pocket, which is incredibly convenient.

If a collapsible water bottle will end up as your choice for the present, you should carefully choose the bottle, so as not to accidentally waste your money. As recommended by CoolThingsChicago, you can opt for the best collapsible water bottles currently available.

To Sum Up

The ideal gift for your best friend up may end up being anything: a nice, heart-warming dinner at home, a trip together, or a star map on a date with a lot of sentimental value. In any case, the most important aspect of a great present for your bestie is that it will connect emotionally with them.

Hopefully, you feel inspired after reading this article and will go on to impress and surprise your best friend with the sincerity of your gift. Remember to think with your heart when it comes to your best friend!