50 Excellent Professional Resources for Teachers

As a student we learn a lot of things but as we become a teacher somewhere learning gets a back seat. That is not a good thing because as a human, we need to learn many things in a subtle way.

In this purpose, your colleagues, books and internet offers personal development thus making us a better and wiser teacher. In summer vacations, we can dive into professional development opportunities through web by accessing great tools for development.†Here, we have collected a new suggestion on learning and growing as an educator.

Important Resources

Donít forget these websites which are overflowing to the brim with articles, resources, and education materials are for teachers.

Education Week Teacher PD Sourcebook:

This sourcebook is filled with incredible resources for teachers, as well as great articles, a directory of helpful sites, and links to PD events.

Educators Professional Development:

EPD bills itself as ďprofessional development for teachers, by teachersĒ and thatís just what youíll find here. Listings for local events, conferences, and a monthly newsletter can help you stay in the loop.

Dealhack Teacher Discounts Guide

In Dealhack’s Teacher Discount Guide you’ll find a wide-ranging list of more than 150 stores that offer discounts to teachers. Save on everything from classroom supplies and books to travel and apparel using this list.

Teacher Vision:

Teacher Vision present articles on a large variety of education topics, from learning how to be a better teacher to present your first year in the classroom.

Teacher Tap:

Teachers will find a wealth of great reading material on this site, touching on topics like technology, information literacy, and high-tech learning.

Getting Smart:

All the way through the receiving Smart website, teachers and librarians can study more about high-tech learning and innovative thoughts in education.


This easy site offers teachers articles, books, resource links, and information about professional improvement workshops.

Education World:

Education World has a great professional Development sector on their site, packed with articles, interviews, reviews, and other supportive tools for educators.

Teachersí Domain:

Teacherís Domain isnít just an enormous place to get digital media for use in the classroom. The site also offers access to some useful professional development resources.

Read Write Think:

Study about conventions, read publications, and network with other teachers through the expert development tools presented by this great website.

Common Sense Media:

On the Common Sense Media site, teachers can take advantage of curriculum training videos that touch on a number of key educational topics.

Teachers Network:

Since lesson plans to videos concerning teaching to how-to articles, the Teachers Network site is an outstanding place to start looking for some professional development resources.

Intel Teach Elements:

Intel offers teachers an opportunity to take part in their Teach Elements series which, through videos and reading materials, can help educators to learn more about a variety of critical 21st century instruction topics.

Kathy Schrockís Guide for Educators:

Condition youíre looking for a one-stop shop for all your teacher needs, consider this resource. Youíll find high quality tools for teaching as well as some to help you improve your own education as well.

Podcasts for Teachers:

Top to this site to find a list of 40 incredible podcasts for teachers. All the way through them, youíll study more about education news, how to teach, and the free resources out there for teachers.

Best Books Channel:

One of the best ways to teach you as a teacher is to read books. Fortunately, Education World offers a place to get the best of the best when it comes to professional development and other teaching topics.

Courses and Workshops

These sites can help you find professional development courses and workshops, both for free and for a fee.

Annenberg Learner:

At this time teachers can find information about workshops and courses, distance learning chances, personal development resources, or just rise up some new resources to use in the classroom.

Learning Forward:

Commencing a professional development book club, to e-learning opportunities, to enormous content, this site offers countless resources to any teacher looking to learn.

Teacher Online Education:

In the marketplace for some online courses to help you earn graduate or professional development credits? This site has plenty to present educators.

iTunes U:

On iTunes U teachers are able to get a wealth of professional development courses, as well as those in just about any topic or field out there. Well again yet, nearly all of them are free.


Saylor is a large place to take courses in basic topics, making it perfect for brushing up on college courses or inspirational your knowledge before heading back to the classroom.


The Open University offers teachers an opportunity to get free, useful courses on a wide range of topics.

PBS Teacherline:

PreK-12 educators will get a huge list of courses offered through PBS and affiliate institutions that are designed to help teachers improve their skills in technology and teaching reading, writing, math, and science.

The Teacherís Workshop:

Top to this website to get out additional about workshops, sign up for a newsletter, get reading material, and even find some sample plans.

Staff Development for Educators:

This company offers teachers online courses, on-site training, workshops, and other helpful professional development resources.

OER Commons:

Top to OER for a wealth of open educational resources, including a large number of articles and courses on professional development.

Classroom Connect:

Top to this site to learn more about workshops and conferences focused on technology integration in schools.

Beacon Educator:

In the course of Beacon Educator, teachers can get online professional development courses that can help to move forward their careers forward and give them more confidence in the classroom.

Knowledge Delivery Systems:

Those in the market to take online courses for professional development should verify this company, geared toward educational professionals.

Field Specific

Appearing for professional development materials that are definite to the area in which you teach? These sites have got you covered.

National Science Teachers Association Professional Development:

The NSTA has an education center, web seminars, and a social network to help science teachers construct their professional skills.

National Council of Teachers of English:

English teachers ought to check out the resources presented by the NCTE, as well as books, articles, workshops, and other.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics:

Those in the market for various math teacher-specific resources shouldnít miss an opportunity on what the NCTM has to suggest. Through the whole thing from high-quality publications to e-seminars scheduled in their professional development section, youíre sure to get amazing helpful.

National Association of Special Education Teachers:

Individual a special education teacher can be challenging, so you need all the support and resources you can obtain. The NCSET is one position to get both, so create sure to check out their publications, resources, and social tools.

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities:

All the way through the NICHCY, teachers can study more about effective staff development strategies for working with students who have disabilities.

American Institute for History Education:

Resources on the AIHE site variety from scholarship writing help to web-based distance learning, present a wealth of services for any devoted history teacher to take benefit of.

National Art Education Association:

Get great professional growth resources for teaching art when you visit the NAEA website.

Skill Building

Jobs on construction particular expertise that youíll use in the classroom by visiting these incredible professional development resources.

LOC Professional Development:

The Library of Congress requirements to help teachers increase their knowledge, so theyíve produced tools to help teachers improved learn how to get students in touch with primary source material.

Teaching Tolerance:

Study new ways to support broadmindedness and understanding in your students, through the great PD resources offered by this organization.


Regardless of what you want to learn about, whether itís neuroscience or classroom managing, youíll get academic papers on it here that you can read and use to build your knowledge.


All the way through the CAST website, teachers can be trained more about UDL (Universal Design for Learning) using a series of modules, reading materials, and toolkits.


Edutopia present educators several professional development guides, which can be a great way to build skills in topics like project-based learning, technology integration, and assessment.

Groups and Organizations

These groups and organizations propose a number of professional development resources for teachers.

National Education Association:

The NEA is a huge place to seem for professional development resources. The site is home to great articles, resources for teaching, help with grants, tools, ideas, and much more.

U.S. Department of Education:

The USDE proposes teachers assist with building their professional careers through a series of useful articles and resources.


Condition youíre paying those union dues; you may as well obtain all you can from the union. Visit the union website to find professional development resources and to learn more about the ER&D Program.

Center for the Study of Teaching and Policy:

Study the latest research from this organization, which can go far in informing your teaching practice.


Desire to explore the world while working as a teacher? Think one of the programs offered by the Global Exploration for Educators Organization.

AIR Publications:

The American Institutes for Research create a number of useful publications for teachers that touch on topics like leadership, innovation, after-school programs, school reform, and more.


The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Developmentís website is full of great resources. Teachers will find a magazine, updates about conferences and webinars, and help with online learning.


Suggest to other teachers and educational professionals through these sites.


College professors know how to join with others and see what research is being done through this academia-only social network.

Teachers.net Chatboards:

Looking for a small suggestion from your peers? Top to one of these teacher chat boards on Teachers.net to get answers to your questions, guidance, and support.

OK2Ask: ??? ?????? ?????????

On the TeachersFirst site is a resource called OK2Ask. Itís a sequence of short live sessions where teachers can ask questions and get answers to their professional development issues.