5 Wonderful Features of Instagram

Instagram features

Using the same features every month can be quite dull over social media. After all, the audience demands something new with the increase of some trend around, especially when it comes to Instagram. From time to time, Instagram has offered unique and tremendous features that have been highly engaging among users. These features not only make surfing and posting stories a bit exciting but also allows you to know more about your account.

You might have seen famous celebrities making use of different features on the first day the update is made by Instagram. However, they never forget their old and favorite Instagram features, which have helped them a lot on Instagram.

So, do you want to know about the Instagram features which have the heart of these famous people? Indeed, the choice of celebrities in terms of these features has never been too bad as compared to yours.

Hence, let us have a complete look at such beautiful features that you can also adopt in your daily life.

Top 5 Features offered by Instagram to 2020

It has been years since Instagram has been operating its functions and offering fantastic virtual kinds of stuff to the users at a zero rate. This great virtual stuff is actually the features provided by them. These features not only help in making your stories amazing but also increases your reach among other Instagram accounts.

How about grabbing a look at these features? Hold your seat tight and start the journey of enriching the mind with top Instagram features.

  • Get a chance to post the same picture in more than 1 account as well as Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr

Using the same Instagram Id daily can be quite dull. Thus, most of the users out there on Instagram have almost two to three Instagram accounts on a single phone. These ids can be their personal or even of their friends or partners too. So, while posting a picture through one of the accounts, you might have come across the option of sharing the same pic in the related Instagram accounts opened on your phone. Further, you also get the opportunity of posting the picture in the linked Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr account. This eventually reduces the time spent in posting the pic again in similar accounts or apps.

  • The latest stickers for Instagram stories

As the people are more active towards promoting their business on Instagram, this platform has offered amazing stickers for such individuals. They can use these stickers and enhance user experience. So go ahead and make use of a ‘food order sticker,’ if you have a restaurant or café. You can also use ‘support small business stickers’ to promote small businesses around connected with it. But wait! Do you think that if you aren’t a business operator, you can’t use this feature? If yes, then you are entirely wrong! Apart from the business promoting stickers, there are bundles of labels such as ‘DM ME,’ ‘STAY HOME,’ ‘@MENTION,’ ‘MUSIC,’ ‘#HASTAG,’ and many more. Such types of labels help in enhancing various activities, which would eventually let you gain more Instagram followers and likes.

  • A separate column showing the story mentions

In earlier days, when you used Instagram, you were able to know about your story mentions only through notifications. However, Instagram has updated its feature concerned with the ‘story mentions’ in 2020. In this latest feature, the accounts get aware of their mentions in a separate column present in the notification bar. That mention remains for 24 hours. However, this feature can only be witnessed if the other user is followed by you. If you are tagged in a story from a random account, it will remain in the message request itself.

  • Dark Mode in Instagram

If you are an Apple user, then dark mode won’t look to be a fantastic feature for you. But, for android users, this feature is the best, and they would definitely love it. The dark feature offers a black mode to your Instagram and even helps in saving the battery usually drained while you are too active on Instagram.  

  • Set up Age Limit

While you were preparing an Instagram id for yourself, you must have dropped your age in it. Have you ever thought that your age on Instagram can prevent you from following some pages? If no, then be aware of it. Many Instagram pages around the world are being offered the age limit feature on behalf of Instagram. This feature generally limits the users below 18 years to surf through adult pages or those offering sensitive content.

However, the page admins have to activate this feature if they don’t wish their content to be witnessed by the underaged Instagram users.

Can these features help me in gaining Instagram followers and likes?

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Well, there are way more features than this as offered by Instagram to all the accounts around. You can explore them and make the best of it. However, the above-listed features are the top ones that are trending on Instagram. These features not only support you in promoting the account but also prevents small kids from coming into the influence of a bit elder things too early.

So, what are you looking for? If you want to be the one among billions of users to make the best use of the features for your account, then start building your followers. But you have an excellent side option too to buy Instagram followers and likes. This will make your work more comfortable and less time-consuming.