5 Ways to Tracking Someone’s iPhone Without Them Knowing

Ways to Tracking Someone

If you want to track an iPhone without the target person knowing, then you’ve come to the right place. There are various reasons you may want to track an iPhone discreetly.

Perhaps you are concerned about your child’s safety or you are worried about your relationship. Businesses also track employees using company-issued devices to increase productivity. One of the greatest fears that iPhone users have is the fact that it might get lost or get stolen. After all, it’s an extremely easy thing for anyone to steal.

You can easily forget an iPhone at a restaurant, or it may slip out of your pockets. As such, there are many ways of tracking an iPhone without the target person knowing.

You might have heard of a few iPhone tracking apps, read on to find 5 ways of tracking iPhone discreetly. This article describes 5 ways you can track iPhone without your target knowing.

Part 1: Cocospy – The most trusted iPhone tracking app

Among the most trusted and reputable iPhone hacking app, Cocospy is the best. This revolutionary phone surveillance app has an outstanding customer approval rating of any phone surveillance app.


It has millions of users across more than 190 nations worldwide. It has even attracted the attention of major media outlets like Forbes. This is a secure app that does not require jailbreaking the target iPhone.

To track an iPhone on Cocospy, you only need the iCloud credentials of the target device. This way, your target will never know you are tracking their iPhone and everything they do on the phone.

1.1 Reasons Cocospy is the preferred iPhone tracking app

Cocospy is a legit iPhone tracking app with capabilities to match. Apart from being a trustworthy app, Cocospy has some capabilities you should be aware of.

1. No-jailbreak solution

To track your target iPhone owner, Cocospy doesn’t need jailbreaking the target device. The app uses state-of-the-art technology to track the target through iCloud backup and to access everything on the iPhone.

This eliminates any need for physical access to the target iPhone.

2. Remote hacking capabilities

Cocospy is a web-based iPhone tracking app that lets you track your target using any browser. This way it lets you use any browser to track any iPhone discreetly. The app grants you access to every installed app on the iPhone.

3. Works in stealth

It is possible to track an iPhone in stealth mode. Cocospy is an elegant solution that lets you track any iPhone without the owner knowing.


All the tracking activities take place in the background to ensure the target never suspects anything is wrong. Best of all, the app does not require installation on the target iPhone.

What’s more, the app does not interfere with phone performance. This makes it impossible for the owner to know they have been hacked unless you tell them.

4. Safe and secure

The app does not require jailbreaking the target iPhone to install the app. Jailbreaking an iPhone compromises its security. What’s more, the app doesn’t gather or store personal data on its server.

So, Cocospy guarantees the privacy of the user.

1.2 Cocospy features

With Cocospy, you have at your disposal more than 35 iPhone tracking features. Some of the features include:

1. Tracking installed apps

Cocospy lets you track virtually all installed apps on the target iPhone. The app can track all incoming and outgoing messages. It can even track the real-time location of the target.

Also, the app can track all the activities of the popular social media apps such as LINE and WhatsApp. As well, you can track chats on Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Skype and Snapchat.

What’s more, Cocospy lets you track all the shared files on the target iPhone such as videos, pictures, and documents.

2. Track call log

Cocospy lets you track all incoming, outgoing and missed calls on the target iPhone. The app retrieves all call logs, call history, and duration. Also, Cocospy lets you access the contact details of the caller.

1.4 Using Cocospy to track an iPhone

Tracking an iPhone using Cocospy takes a couple of steps.

Step 1: You will need to sign up for a Cocospy account. To accomplish this, visit the official Cocospy website. Also, make sure you subscribe to a plan that suits your surveillance needs.


Step 2: Setup the target iPhone. After subscribing to a package that suits you, you will receive an email. Click on the Start Monitoring button to access the Control panel.

Before you can access the text messages on the iPhone, you will need to provide the target iPhone name. Also, you will be required to provide the age of the target and choose the phone OS ‘iOS(iCloud)’.

Step 3: Now, provide the iCloud credentials of the target device. Provide the credentials and verify them.


Step 4: After successful configuration of the target iPhone, you will be requested to click ‘Start’ button

Step 5: Next, log in to your Cocospy dashboard. Here, scroll on the left panel to the Locations tab.

You will be able to access the real-time location of the target iPhone. Also, Cocospy lets you access the location history of the target iPhone. It will provide timestamps for each location.

Part 2: Spyic

Spyic is another excellent phone surveillance app that lets you spy on both iOS and Android devices. The app does not require jailbreaking the target iPhone to track it.


The developers at Spyic and the use of the latest technology ensure the target iPhone is accessible without compromising its security. Besides, the app delivers both basic and advanced phone surveillance features.

It can not only track installed apps on the iPhone, but also on all the keystrokes made on the target device. The app works like Cocospy in that it lets you spy on your target remotely.

Similarly, it is trusted by millions of users across the globe.

Part 3. SMS-Peer

This is a website that helps people access messages without installing software on the target iPhone. You only have to open the website and fill the necessary information such as an email address.

The takes a few minutes to collect and analyze the messages before asking if you want to access them. However, to access the results you have to fill a quick survey before you can receive an activation code.

This website is only limited to accessing text messages on the target iPhone. So, you won’t be able to track other installed apps.

Part 4: Hellospy

This a good phone tracking app for iPhones and Android smartphones. It can track contacts, messages, and social media apps. However, the app requires jailbreaking the target iPhone to install the app.

Jailbreaking is a huge drawback since most users are not able to do so. Also, the installation is complicated since it requires technical know-how. Although the app presents good features, the complexity of using the app is disgusting.

Part 5: Spytomobile

Spytomobile is another good iPhone tracking app. It comes with features that let you track messages, call logs, social media apps and much more.

However, the app lacks some advanced features such as geofencing found in Cocospy. As well, the daily pricing structure is expensive taking into account it lacks some essential tracking features.


Despite the multiple ways of tracking an iPhone, only apps provide a superior approach. Among the different iPhone tracking apps, Cocospy is the best app for tracking an iPhone since it has the necessary features.

The app has gained a reputation as a reliable and effective phone surveillance app. It features over 35 tracking capabilities making it one of the best spy apps around.

So, you can rest assured the app will deliver given the high customer approval rating of 96%.

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