5 Ways to Ensure a Safe, Comfortable Road Trip†

Comfortable Road Trip

If youíre like most people, youíre searching for any way to get away from stress for a little while. And sometimes, the only way to do that is to actually get away. Meaning, itís time to gather your closest friends and go on a road trip. 

Times like these can be the most magical times of your life- if theyíre done right. Without proper preparations, it could end in disaster (the exact opposite of the break youíre looking for).

Check off these preparations and this trip will be the relaxing fun you planned for it to be.  

1. Car Care

This is the most important part of this operation. You want your car to be completely functional, updated, and ready to handle a long trip.

Any time you know you’re about to put your car through intense use, get it checked out.  Even if nothing seems to be wrong, it’s better to be overly vigilant than break down far from home. Now is also the time to be searching for ďwarranty on a HondaĒ- or whatever your car’s make is. 

2. Have Means of Comfort 

If you’re going on a long drive, it can be uncomfortable. Without anything to alleviate this, by the time you get to your destination youíll be too sore and stiff to do anything. 

Cushions and pillows can serve as something to go between you and the seats, which can become harsh if you have to remain there for a long time. 

Be sure to make a stop every so often, so everyone can get out and stretch for a moment. Itís easier to prevent stiffness and aching than to try to stop it once itís already started. 

3. Entertainment 

Being in a car gets old fast without some form of entertainment. The most reliable type for a long drive is music. It requires the least investment from all parties and is something everyone enjoys. For the best results, create playlists before you set out on the road. 

The passengers need to be in control of switching songs. Even if you think ďitísjust one secondĒ, a lot can happen in one second when youíre driving, and nothing is worth the potential consequences. This is why the driverís eyes need to be on the road. 

4. Research Where You’re Going 

Thereís nothing worse than getting lost somewhere you donít know. But this is exactly what could happen if you go to a location youíve never been to before, which is about as far away from a relaxing weekend getaway as you can possibly get. 

Avoid this by marking all the most important locations on your map-gas stations, diners, rest stops, etc. Memorize these most important spots before you get there. Also, while youíre there, keep an eye out for landmarks, just in case you get turned around and need to find your way back. 

5. Plan The Day

This doesn’t mean every second has to be accounted for, but a trip that has a general plan is always one that goes better.

What activity or place to visit is the most important to you? The best way to make your journey simple but enjoyable is to build everything else around this activity. Make that the most important piece, and the other places you visit close by. This way, you won’t be running all over town trying to check off every box on a tight schedule, which turns this from a leisurely activity into a chore

A Better Tomorrow Starts Today 

Preparation is a prerequisite to fun. It will free up your mind once you know you have a working car, an easy ride, and an idea of the lay of the land.  With all of this set in place, you can completely let go and relax, as you set out to do.