5 Ways How To Change Career When You Have No Idea

Change Career

Career change is associated with the start of a new life. Nowadays, employees make this choice quite often because job market set its rules, and they have to respond. The career change has been perceived as nonsense in the past, but now it becomes a usual practice. Both fresh and experienced workers change their careers to meet market requirements and earn their living. Sometimes career change is an unexpected step, and job seekers donít have any ideas of what to do. We collected recommendations that may help start acting in a force-majeure situation like this.

Make It Clear

If you faced the necessity to think about your career change, try to understand what other opportunities are attractive for you. Start searching for similar jobs. Itís better to explore the demand in the job market. For example, if you were employed as a manager in a hotel, you may search for an administrative position in recreational industry or restaurants. Pay special attention to the positions that are in high demand on the job market and apply for them. Your managerial skills will be appreciated in other industries as well. You need to try and get to know what you can do in the near future. If none of the similar jobs appeal to you, you can choose something you never tried before. Use all opportunities to find a job to understand what you want to do.

Do Research

You will never find what you need unless you start searching for it. Use the following steps to find your dream job:

  • Make a list of skills and abilities to match the jobs
  • Talk to people who are currently doing the jobs of your interest and ask them questions about their responsibilities
  • If youíre a student, visit the career office to consult regarding current prospective careers
  • Consult career counselor at the local community
  • Try volunteering Ė this may help you understand whether this career meet your expectations

These steps will help you enter a new professional community and get familiar with the details of your future career. Promoting your skills is important as it helps capture recruitersí attention. Besides, you can get information about jobs online or ask your friends. Take into account all job search opportunities even if you hesitate whether itís good for you. You will never know unless you try and fail/succeed.

Get Additional Education

After making your research, make sure you have the necessary skills to apply for the position youíre dreaming of. If your goal is changing the rules of the game 360?, you should fill the skill gap, update or get additional education. Itís important to be ready for changes, accept them, and open up your mind for new opportunities. This will help you face challenges and win negative circumstances. There are many opportunities for gaining the necessary skills for free. You can browse internet and find various studies, classes, tutorials, etc. It would be great if you can earn a degree or a certification relevant to the position youíre pursuing. Donít hesitate to gain additional education as this is an investment in your future success.

Learn from Experts

Whichever field you choose, you can find professionals who reached success in it. Socializing and networking with people from the area of your interest is useful for you. You can learn from them and readily embrace new opportunities. Successful people are open for communication, and this can be the first step on the way to your successful career.

Another opportunity of joining the professional community is to attend professional associations. In this way, you can build professional links in a short period. New acquaintances will help delve into the professional atmosphere and get the details of your future career. You should pay a membership fee when entering professional associations, but this will worth it. There is an opportunity of joining free groups in social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn. Start making friends online and then build personal relationships. You can choose any pattern; you need to have a big desire to change your life.

Find Good Job Search Resources

Entering the job market once again can be a difficult task. Applicants should use strong tools like a new resume. On the way to a dream job, applicants may need a good resume to represent themselves at best. Composing resume has nothing to do with mere writing. Potential employees need to highlight their best qualities and include keywords that help employers find their resumes. Therefore, professional writing assistance can do a great job for you. You can use CraftResumes to order your life-changing CV. Remember that a resume is of paramount importance in your search for a job. Your potential employers will judge your personality and skills by the way you represent yourself in the resume. Therefore, having a representative resume is a must.

Also, applicants should know where they can find vacancies. There are many job search websites, but job seekers can choose several that meet their requirements. Many employers prefer hiring online. Therefore, make a good profile on LinkedIn or other job search websites to attract attention of potential employers.

Find websites that are helpful in your job search. For example, LinkedIn, Indeed, or CareerBuilder proposes many vacancies daily. Learn the skills required by recruiters and add them to the resume. Being proactive and confident is a necessary condition to survive as an applicant.


Sometimes life makes surprises in the form of an unexpected dismissal. However, this isnít a reason to feel desperate or depressed. What you need is to be cool-headed and active to make career changes. These tips will help you stay calm and quickly start a new life. Changing your career can be challenging, but be confident in what you do. Make a plan of your actions and follow it until you succeed. Remember: a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Image credit: Change Career via Olivier Le Moal/Shutterstock