5 Unexpected Things You Can Find Online

Unexpected Things

By now, you’ve probably grown accustomed to finding just about everything online. From last-minute prom dates to how to diagnose car problems and your electrician’s phone number, chances are you’re hitting your favorite search engine to find what you need. But there are still some surprises out there.

Need examples? Here’s a quick top-5!

1. Outdated Tech

You were a huge fan of Atari, or you want a Garmin instead of a mobile phone app. Maybe you’re a fan of the earliest Apple computers. Whatever your outdated tech romance may be, you can find those oh-so-nostalgic tech dinosaurs online.

Who are the fans? Collectors and those who just prefer doing things the way they got used to a decade or four ago are sure to find the outdated tech they crave online. Just be sure it works before you buy it. Repairs may be a knotty problem!

2. Remote Medical Consultations

Although remote medical consultations became popular during the Coronavirus, a lot of people don’t realize that talking to a doctor could be an internet search away. However, the possibility of consulting doctors all over the world without ever budging from your home has been big for a long time.

While the 3rd world, where many people have no access to medical specialists, has been a big focus, anybody can access remote medical consultations. Many psychologists are providing therapy and many doctors are providing general advice through the internet.

Need an example? Did you think medical marijuana might help you but aren’t sure who to ask and where to find it? Just search a term like “ best Seattle dispensaries” and watch the search results come flowing in.

Even doctors are gaining access to specialist advice through the internet. Should you?

3. All the Things Reality TV Edits Out – And More

We all know that reality TV is heavily edited – often with the editors’ storyline in mind. Do you want to get all the dirt on your favorite reality shows? If you have the patience, you can watch via live streaming and get the unbiassed picture.

Static webcams offer an alternative form of entertainment for those who don’t mind a bit of “slow TV.” Will the flood-threatened promontory fall into the sea? You can watch in real-time if that’s what rings your bells.

4. Broken Crayons and Other Junk for Your Art Projects

If you’re into candlemaking or other craftsy, arty projects, you’ll know that color is key. But buying brand-new waxies to fill your need for colorful results can come to a lot. But hey! Kids are great at breaking wax crayons, and where can you find the resulting stubs? You’ve got it! Just hit e-bay or any other site that sells other people’s junk to those who will treasure it.

The same goes for egg cartons, empty toilet-roll cartons, pine cones, soda bottle caps, old mason jars, or just about anything else junk-related you can think of!

5. Everything You Need for Your Wedding

Love is new every day, but that doesn’t mean that the things you buy for your wedding need to be new too. From wedding jewelry to dresses, suits, and table decor, there are plenty of people looking to recoup at least some of the costs of an expensive wedding. Get designer items at a fraction of the usual price when you search for them online.

 Need a justification? Love is forever, but debt can be forever too, and it’s not something you want when starting a new life together with your significant other.

You Want it? We’re Ready to Bet You’ll Find it

By now, you’ll see an emerging pattern, No matter how obscure it is, you’ll find what you want online if you’re ready to search. The internet has opened up channels between buyers and sellers all over the world, and whatever you want, it’s out there – somewhere – if you’re willing to spend some time looking for it!