5 Tips To Write A Good Narrative Essay


In a narrative essay, the story is told through real life experiences by the writer. Every person enjoys hearing a good story especially the one that lets you fly with your imagination and come to your own conclusions. The writer puts in his personal experience with a larger theme to give you a narrative essay. When the writer tells a good story he also tries to convey why the story has meaning and importance. WritingCheap give you 5 tips to follow to give a good narrative cheap assignment. These tips would help you to write and get better results with your story.

1) Pre writing for the narrative essay

The prewriting phase is very important for a narrative essay. In this phase, you need to think about the life experiences in the context of the theme that has to be written. Keep in mind while selecting an experience that even a small incident may help to make a good essay topic. If it has significance for the writer and emotional connection with the topic will make the writer write the essay more effectively. Once the writer chooses the topic time should be spent to sort out memories and recall details including season, people and objects involved with the memory. You need to think about the sequence of events and the smallest details. This helps in communicating big ideas. Getting an outline of the story helps in the narrative flow.

2) Drafting a narrative story

Follow the outline made while creating The initial draft of the narrative essay concentrates on making the story more alive by using the following techniques-

  • Write the story in first person using ‘I’ which engages the reader more.
  • Do not curtail on details as the readers have no knowledge of the story and many times the readers will lose understanding because of the lack of proper details.
  • With words you use should describe your story with clarity in such a way that the reader involves himself with your story.
  • Elements of fiction should not be ignored even when your narrative essays are non-fiction. True stories also benefit to the plot building technique.

3) Revision of a narrative essay

The essay should be modified reviewed and reorganized to make the best narrative essay. While revising the essay you should keep in mind the following-

  • Is the essay easy to understand with the progression of events and does not confuse the reader?
  • Does the essay involve The Reader in the experience?
  • Does the choice of words make your essay informative or descriptive?
  • Has the message of the essay been conveyed properly?

4) Editing

The essay should be proofread. Grammatical and spelling mistakes should be totally eliminated. Get the essay read by some other people so that it can go through different eyes to find mistakes and correct them.

5) Publishing the essay

It can be exciting as well as scary to share your narrative story publicly. As the story is of personal nature this experience makes you learn the importance of sharing your views on a particular experience. And the feedback you get make you write better the next time.