5 Tips to Planning your Wedding on a Budget


1.    Keep it small

A wedding is an event that almost everyone looks forward to having in their lifetime, and is therefore taken with a lot of seriousness. Weddings take a lot of time to meticulously plan them and most often the budgets for weddings tend to be huge. If you are planning a wedding on a budget, however, there is one simple move you can utilize to get your expenses down. Have a small guest list of your immediate family and close friends, as this will not only mean that you have those closest to you on your happiest day, but it will also minimize the dent on your wallet.

2. Venue

Many people want their weddings at posh locations like hotels and exclusive locations, and this does result in huge expenses. Sure, everyone wants their matrimonial ceremony to be memorable, having flashy cars and the like, but when on a budget, it’s safe to be humble and to pick a location that is decent and affordable. A good place to start would be a public park, as these are easily accessible and you can have your perfect wedding without having to break the bank to pay for it.

3. Decor

Weddings are special days, and many people have only one wedding in their lifetime. This means that many want to have their wedding decor be as perfect as they can, often mirroring the childhood fantasies of their weddings. Of course, by doing this, wedding decor may end up increasing the wedding budget alarmingly, considering that some materials they may require have to be custom built or imported, which is expensive. The solution to this is to have simple decor. A few fresh flowers and a splash of color here and there ought to bring a sense of brightness to the wedding while also keeping it simple and affordable.

4. Time

The day of your wedding can also affect how much you will pay for it. Weddings are often held during weekends on holidays and this influx of events all at the same time makes the demand for venues and services high, which increases their cost. To save yourself from paying more than you can afford, consider moving your wedding date to a less hectic time, like on a weekday, when everyone is busy. This ensures that there’s less event traffic and therefore less expensive, and as a bonus, your guest list will be smaller since most people may not make it due to work commitments. That gives you double savings on your wedding expenses, leaves plenty for the new couple to spend on their new matrimonial lives.

5. Ask for help

Another easy way of keeping your wedding expenses minimum is by asking your friends and family for help in the planning process. By asking for help, you will be able to cut your wedding expenses significantly since someone may decide to help foot some of the expenses. Additionally, you may get help from professionals in your circle, such that you won’t need to hire a photographer or chef if one of your friends can do it, and for less pay or even for free.

Image credit: Wedding via Nopparat Nambunyen/Shutterstock