5 Tips to Help You Start Playing and Winning at Online Casinos

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Online casinos are a lot of fun, and are a great way to get just a little piece of the casino experience without having to leave your home – which is paramount in these strange times. Whether you’re in the midst of lockdown or simply want to start playing online casino games without losing a ton of money, you’re in the right place.

Here are 5 tips that will help you start playing and winning at online casinos.

5 Tips to Help You Start Playing and Winning at Online Casinos

1.    Play Games that Excite You

This may sound obvious, but one of the mistakes many new players make is they worry more about winning than having fun. The thing you need to remember is that while some games may tell you they have a higher pay-out percentage than another (say 45.6% vs 53.2%), they’re not talking about how much money they pay out.

Remember that the casinos are making a profit, and so generally you’re going to have the same chance no matter which game you play, unless there’s an element of skill involved. If you play a game you love, especially if you’re not interested in playing skill-based games like poker, you’ll be much more likely to not only have fun, but win because you won’t get bored and flit from game to game.

2.    Look for Sites with a Low Withdrawal Rate & Fast Withdrawal Times

Most online casinos have a minimum withdrawal rate. This may be €10 or €20, or similar. Try to frequent casinos with a low amount, so you can withdraw a small win if you want to. They’re encouraging you to play on, which is great, but it’s better to have the option to take your money and play elsewhere, so avoid sites that make this too high. Similarly, avoid sites that say it will be longer than a week to receive your money, unless there’s a good reason why. If they’re simply reimbursing your bank account or PayPal account, then it shouldn’t take longer than 3-5 days.

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3.    Take Advantage of Free Offers

If you want to make money at online casinos, you need to take advantage of their best offers. Most casinos will give away free spins or additional cash when you sign up, for major events and holidays, and when you make additional deposits. These offers usually have a certain number of times you must spend those winnings before it frees up for you to withdraw.

If you’re making a decision based on their offer, then look for this rate to be as low as possible. It’s common to see a x99 next to winnings you get with your free spins, which essentially means that if you win €10, you will have spend €990 before you can withdraw that €10 winnings – or whatever it is by then. It’s always worth doing if you get them for free, but lower winnings turnover will be better.

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